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Divorce may be the best option to ensure a child grows up in a stress-free household. Nonetheless, strong relationships with both parents are good for the growth and well-being of children. Therefore, the Union County family courts seek to ensure children spend as close to equal time with both parents as possible. While there is no law in New Jersey presuming that equal time with each parent is in the best interests of a child, the courts have certainly been trending in that direction.

When courts give one parent primary physical custody of the children, they typically provide the other parent visitation rights. An experienced Union County visitation lawyer can help create, modify, or enforce a parental visitation schedule. The visitation attorneys at Moskowitz Law Group can help protect your and your family’s best interests.

Parenting Plans in Union County

Parenting plans are an agreement between parents about custody and parenting time. When circumstances allow, coparents may share legal and physical custody of their children. Other times, one parent may have sole legal and physical custody. When parents do not share joint physical custody of a child, the parent who is not the parent of primary residence will typically have visitation.

While parents may create an agreement on a parenting plan and visitation schedule outside of courts, it may be difficult to feel as though there is open communication about these complex issues. When divorcing spouses cannot decide on a parenting plan outside of court, a judge decides for them.

Family court judges in New Jersey base custody and visitation orders on the children’s best interests. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 9:2-4, the judge will consider both parents’ fitness, ability to coparent with each other, residences, and relationship with the children. Courts may also consider the children’s opinions if they are old and mature enough to provide an intelligent opinion. A local visitation lawyer can represent a parent in these proceedings, advocating for their desired outcome.

Sharing Parenting Responsibilities

Parents are not the only people who may have the right to visitation. Grandparents and siblings can also petition the court requesting legal visitation rights with a child. Anyone being prevented from and seeking to assert their right to spend time with a young family member should speak with a family law attorney about their options.

Modifying Visitation Schedules

As children’s needs change or other life-changing circumstances arise, a family may need to modify their parenting plans. It is not uncommon to revise them several times over the years. A Union County visitation attorney can provide legal advice and help modify parenting plans to suit a family’s needs.

Parents should always modify their formal visitation agreements sooner rather then later if a modification is needed. The court may hold parents or guardians in contempt of court for violating visitation schedules and parenting plans. Under the New Jersey Statutes Annotated § 2C:13-4, failing to comply with a temporary or final order for custody or visitation rights is a crime, albeit, these cases are only prosecuted in extreme circumstances. The Court Rules also allow for a visitation agreement to be modified if a parent chronically violates it. When an ex-spouse refuses to comply with visitation orders, a Union County lawyer could help with the application to the Court and legal work to reach a fair and favorable outcome.

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In most situations, New Jersey family courts believe that equal time with both parents is best for the children. All parents have the legal right to see their children, and state laws ensure children spend time with both parents regularly provided that the parents are fit to do so. In most cases, the best option for a family is a formal visitation schedule.

You have different options for visitation schedules and custody arrangements, and it may be challenging to determine what option is in your and your child’s bests interests. A Union County visitation lawyer can answer your questions and help protect your parental rights. Call Moskowitz Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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