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Getting divorced can affect where you live, how frequently you see your children and every other area of your life. If you and your family are Jewish and travel or plan to travel to Israel, a divorce can have even more significant consequences.

Adding international and religious concerns to a divorce case can be tricky, which is why retaining the assistance of a qualified lawyer may be so important. If you are considering getting a divorce and want to make sure your needs are understood and met, contacting a New Jersey Israeli divorce attorney may be beneficial. A well-versed divorce lawyer could help you navigate your divorce while and plans to visit Israel.

Universal Divorce Concerns

Divorce in the State of New Jersey is a civil matter governed by state law. No matter what a spouse’s citizenship, ethnicity, or religious practices are, a judge will follow the law of New Jersey and will not grant a divorce until the parties—along with assistance from Israeli divorce attorneys, if they wish—reach an agreement on several issues.

Deciding Child-Related Matters

Separating parents can choose if they will share joint custody of their kids or if one parent will be given primary responsibility. If the couple cannot agree on who should have custody or the terms of their timesharing, the judge may decide for them.

Judges making a ruling on child custody and visitation issues often consider the religious practices and beliefs of both parents. However, the ultimate responsibility of the judge is to ensure that any parenting plan or custody agreement works in the best interests of the children. Even if the parents agree on their timesharing arrangement, the court will only approve the plan if it does not harm the children. A skilled New Jersey Israeli divorce attorney could explain how a parent’s move to Israel will impact a child custody plan.

Dividing Property

Any assets, income, or property that a couple acquires during a marriage become part of the marital estate in a divorce. The marital estate should be divided fairly—which is not always the same as equally—between the parties during a divorce.

Some of the factors that could influence how much property each spouse receives include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The financial contributions of each person to the relationship
  • The efforts of each parent in raising children
  • The behavior of the parties both before and during a divorce

Alimony or Spousal Maintenance

Courts in New Jersey may award either spouse alimony, also known as spousal maintenance or support, based on their relative financial needs. Alimony allows the financially-dependent spouse to maintain their lifestyle while they become self-supporting. A spouse could be ordered to make maintenance payments on a temporary or permanent basis.

Religious Considerations During a Jewish Divorce

A Jewish divorce is known as a Get and is a separate process from a civil divorce. The laws of New Jersey do not govern a Get. In most cases, whether or not a husband grants a Get to his wife during a civil divorce is up to him and his convictions. An Israeli divorce lawyer in New Jersey could help a person handle any religious considerations during their divorce.

International Travel and Child Custody

When either parent has close ties with Israel or another foreign country, the parties can address international travel concerns as part of their divorce settlement agreement. Both parents must usually consent to their children gaining passports and traveling outside of the United States.

Before taking the children, a parenting plan might require the traveling parent to provide a certain amount of notice or information regarding the travel to the non-traveling parent. If there are fears that a parent may abscond with the children to another country and refuse to bring them back, a person could ask the court to order the other parent not to travel internationally while the divorce is pending.

Get Help from a New Jersey Israeli Divorce Attorney

Divorce does not have to be a contentious battle. When former spouses can work together and negotiate solutions to their family law problems, the process can often be resolved faster and easier for everyone involved. If you are ready to file for divorce and wish to learn more about your options, contact a New Jersey Israeli divorce lawyer today.

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