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Did You Know that less than 1% of Lawyers in New Jersey are Certified by the Supreme Court As Matrimonial Law Attorneys?
Galit Moskowitz is Proud To Be One of Them!
Why We Do What We Do

When I was very young, my parents went through a brutal divorce. It was a highly stressful and emotional situation for everyone involved. I knew firsthand the stress and fear of a family breaking up. But because of that experience, I also knew I wanted to be a voice for others who may go through the same thing.

That is why I formed the Moskowitz Law Group of New Jersey.

Who Do You Trust?

You see, during a divorce, it’s expected to feel anxious, or maybe even scared. After all, everything you’ve known is now suddenly at risk, from children to financial security and more. Worse – you feel very alone. You wonder where you can turn for guidance and support during a turbulent and confusing time like this.

At Moskowitz Law Group, we have a deep understanding of the emotions and pressure you are feeling. When a marriage ends, everyone in the situation is affected. Suddenly, there are new living arrangements, decisions about property and money, and most importantly – what will happen to the children.

When You Need A Voice

When you need a strong voice to represent you and a guiding hand to hold, Moskowitz Law Group is 100% here for you. Your concerns, goals, and priorities will be heard loud and clear. We truly listen and help pick up the pieces of your life so you no longer look back at the past; but instead, look to a bright future.

We are passionate about those we serve. Because of our deep empathy with Family Law, we treat every case as if this was our own family we are fighting for. And, you are not just another case number to us – you are our priority – which is why our law firm is made up of only the most prestigious family law attorneys in New Jersey. We are a fierce and well-respected law firm amongst our colleagues and the court system. We take our position seriously, and we are here to produce only real results.

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Assertive. Goal-Oriented. Decisive.

Everyone would hope for an amicable resolution; however, sometimes, the most trusted person in your life suddenly becomes your enemy. And when the opposing side decides not to cooperate or unfortunately, act aggressively, the Moskowitz Law Group is here to meet the challenge and push back. When you become a client of ours, there is no limit to what we do to protect you. You have an unstoppable, focused team on your side.

When you need an assertive, goal-oriented, and decisive advocate who demonstrates both compassion and understanding for their client, look no further than the Moskowitz Law Group. You will be embraced by a team that genuinely stands with you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team Why We Are Different

Our Practice Areas

Exclusively Dedicated to Divorce & Family Law

Whether you need help establishing paternity, or gaining custody of your grandchild, our goal is to help you with integrity, empathy, and care. Whereas some firms handle family law cases here and there as a secondary part of their practice, our practice focuses exclusively on family law. We believe our clients greatly benefit from having a team that is extremely knowledgeable in this highly complex and specialized area of the law. For high-quality legal guidance in NJ, turn to a firm that has handled hundreds of even the most complex divorce and family law cases. Turn to Moskowitz Law Group, LLC.

Our Team

Representing Clients Throughout NJ

Some of the most difficult legal problems to manage arise within the context of your family. Fortunately, a New Jersey family lawyer with a wide range of experience and knowledge in family law could give you the legal advice you need for any issues you may have involving marriage, children, and other family matters.

Taking a case to family court is never something that people should take lightly. The outcome of a family law case, whether it be a divorce, a child custody hearing, or even a request to modify an existing order, might have a profound impact on an individual’s future. It is essential that people understand the consequences of these cases and act quickly to protect their rights.

Dissolution of Marriage

In the past, a spouse had to prove specific grounds such as adultery, physical abuse, abandonment, or mental cruelty to formally end a marriage. Today, however, most states—including New Jersey—allow for no-fault divorce based on “irreconcilable differences.”

According to New Jersey Revised Statute §2A:34-2, other events that may give rise to a divorce include:

  • Adultery
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Separation
  • Drug addiction
  • Institutionalization for mental illness
  • Imprisonment
  • Deviant sexual conduct

A New Jersey family attorney could help identify the cause for divorce that best fits an individual’s unique circumstances.

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Separation Process

When one party files a complaint for divorce, it initiates a legal process. Divorces must address several concepts, including each party’s rights to marital property, their responsibility concerning marital debt, who will care for and raise their children, and whether either party is eligible to receive alimony.

One way to address these questions is to create a separation agreement. Courts recommend that parties attempt to find common ground concerning their disagreements, and family law judges will happily incorporate a separation agreement into a final divorce decree. However, some divorces inevitably result in conflict. When this occurs, a New Jersey attorney could argue for an individual’s rights in family court and promote their best interests.

Even after a judgment of divorce is final, new problems frequently arise. Post-judgment actions can include requests for modifications, which are actions seeking to change something about the divorce judgment, and actions for contempt, which seek to have the other party punished for failing to comply with the judgment. For help resolving these issues, contact a New Jersey family legal team.

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If you are experiencing family conflict, you may be frightened and confused. It may be uncertain options you have when facing abandonment in a marriage or when a spouse commits an act of domestic violence. A New Jersey family lawyer may be able to help.

A dedicated attorney could work to explain your rights and provide more information about family law in New Jersey. By working with a compassionate legal team, you could identify realistic goals and develop strategies that meet the needs of your family. Reach out to a New Jersey family lawyer today to see how legal counsel could help you.

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