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Common Factors That Could Lead to Divorce Delays

The divorce process involves both spouses reaching an agreement on important matters such as child custody, spousal support, property ownership, and a...

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What Does a Court Look at When Determining Alimony?

When facing divorce, many people worry about the court’s determination on alimony and what it could mean for their financial situation after the div...

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What To Do if Your Ex Refuses to Pay Child Support 

During a divorce or separation involving children, courts may decide that one parent is responsible for paying child support. This involves ongoing pe...

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Common Misconceptions About Divorce

If you are experiencing divorce, you may have some preconceptions about the divorce process and court system. These assumptions may seem insignificant...

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Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Assets During a Divorce

A major aspect of divorce is the distribution of marital property between spouses. When looking at what you will walk away with after a divorce, you m...

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What Happens if Your Child Doesn’t Like Your Custody Agreement?

Between managing the legalities and the mental strain of a breakup, divorces and separations give you a lot to deal with. Having children with your ex...

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My Spouse Cheated—How Will That Affect My Divorce?

­There’s no question that divorce is hard. When one spouse’s cheating is the cause for separation, everything can become even more painful. Adult...

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Can Men Receive Alimony?

Different people often have different ideas of what they should keep or gain in a divorce. It can be challenging to work out an agreement that is fair...

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Protecting Your Pension in a Divorce

Getting divorced can be a complicated process. During such an emotional time, it may be hard to think about how to divide your property and move forwa...

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