How Divorce Can Positively Impact Children (If Handled Well)

How Divorce Can Positively Impact Children (If Handled Well)

Many parents choose to stay in a difficult relationship “for the kids.” They believe that children growing up in a two-parent household have more stability than if they would have to bounce between two houses. However, when a relationship deteriorates between parents, it can ultimately create a challenging and even toxic atmosphere for children to live in. Separating from an unhealthy relationship can help your children grow into more responsible, healthier adults because they do not need to see the most influential adults in their lives (their parents) fighting all the time.

While divorce is never an easy process, knowing it could be the right thing for you and your children can make this process much easier. A divorce attorney at Moskowitz Law Group would be happy to discuss your concerns and find legal solutions that prioritize your children’s wellbeing.

Strengthening Familial Relationships

While people may assume getting a divorce involves creating divisions within a family, pursuing a peaceful separation where neither party puts the blame on the other can allow children to develop stronger familial relationships. Child custody arrangements typically allow the children to get more one-on-one time with each parent. Parents that previously did not spend much time with children due to external factors like work can take on a more active role in their child’s life post-divorce with the right arrangement.

Additionally, if there was conflict at home leading up to the divorce, splitting up can allow both parents to move on and live happier, healthier lives. Research shows that children of divorce with at least one functioning parent adjust to adulthood better than those who grow up surrounded by domestic conflict. If a divorce would decrease your stress, chances are it will ultimately decrease your children’s stress as well.

Developing Interpersonal Skills

Divorce can also strengthen your children’s ability to form relationships outside of your family. Divorce allows children to develop their sense of empathy. Young adolescent children can recognize the mistakes others make and take them as lessons, even from their own parents.

Children also learn how to develop healthy boundaries by witnessing how their parents set up child custody and other rules. Children of divorce have to understand and navigate the rules set at two different households and process how the boundaries of each parent may differ. Furthermore, if you consider remarriage or cohabitation with a new partner in the future, your children will continue to see the change in the relationship dynamics and learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy communication skills.

Tips for Supporting Your Children’s Personal Growth After a Divorce

While there are several ways divorce can positively affect your children, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed. Going through a contested divorce without boundaries and systems in place to provide stability for your children can make their growth into adulthood all the more challenging.

Children of divorced parents do best when the parents try to work together to solve problems. For example, being consistent with discipline between both households can majorly benefit your children’s wellbeing. While it may be difficult to negotiate, getting on the same page regarding house rules could help your children’s development.

Additionally, you should pay attention to your child’s life and interests. Attending sporting events, plays, or other extracurricular activities can show your children you support them. Ask them about their interests, even if they aren’t personally interesting to you, and find ways to bond. You can do this by planning family game nights, cooking together, or reading to your children before bed. Ensuring your children are always a top priority will help them see that your decision to end your marriage is to support them, not punish them.

Call an Attorney to Discuss Options for Pursuing a Divorce Involving Children

It can be scary to go through a divorce because it is unclear whether it will impact your children positively or negatively. However, if you are considering divorce, then it is likely that something is going on at home that is causing distress. Meeting with a counselor, legal or otherwise, can help you determine whether a divorce is not only right for you, but for your children. Call Moskowitz Law Group to discuss your circumstances and how our team can help

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