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The Importance of Mental Health Practices During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. This process often evokes high levels of stress, forcing you to navigate complex emotions such as sadness, guil...

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How To Talk to Your Child About Divorce

The topic of divorce is always challenging to talk about, not only for spouses, but also for their children. Divorce can create a sense of upheaval, a...

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What Is the Division of Child Protection and Permanency?

As the name suggests, the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P, formerly the Division of Youth and Family Services or DYF...

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How False Allegations Can Impact Child Custody

Evidence of abuse has a significant impact on child custody proceedings. However, when allegations of abuse are proven to be false, they can lead to a...

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The Benefits of Signing a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more common in the US, especially among millennials. This shift can be attributed to various factors, including the...

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The Importance of Having Your Own Attorney in a Divorce Case

If you or someone you know has been through a divorce, you know the process can be long, arduous, and emotionally exhausting. Having an attorney in yo...

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How To Decide Who Pays the Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce

Divorce proceedings can create emotional and financial challenges, often forcing couples to navigate various legal procedures, including the allocatio...

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How Long Does a Divorce Take in New Jersey?

Going through a divorce can be emotionally draining. You may be concerned as to how long it takes to finalize this process. While each case is unique,...

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The Dos and Don’ts of Testifying in Divorce Court

Going through a divorce is never easy. You are likely experiencing a myriad of emotions, including stress. One of the most daunting parts of a contest...

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