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How to Reclaim Your Social Life After Divorce

Experiencing a divorce can be challenging for numerous economical, psychological, and social reasons. One difficulty that a person may face after thei...

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Can I Reduce Visitation Because of My Child’s Poor Performance in School?

The divorce process involves numerous legal guidelines and negotiations between both parties, including those involving the custody of a divorcing cou...

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What are the Different Types of Child Custody?

There are several different types and variations of child custody, and when going through a divorce or separation, it is important to request the type...

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Issues That Could Arise When Divorcing After 50

Divorcing at any age can be a stressful, complicated, and emotional process for any person. However, age can play a significant factor in a divorce, a...

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Divorced Parents Navigating the Holidays During COVID-19

Celebrating the holiday season as divorced parents can be difficult. In a year with concerns around COVID-19 and travel restrictions, however, some ho...

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What Can You Not Do During a Divorce?

If you are considering filing for divorce, or are already going through the process, then you are probably aware of the countless tasks that need to b...

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Can I Protect Retirement Funds with a Prenuptial Agreement?

One of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement is that it can allow a person to protect their retirement funds. Retirement accounts are marital assets ...

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Top 5 Signs You Need an Attorney for Child Custody

While going through a divorce is already stressful, the process can be much more overwhelming when children are involved. In these cases, a child cust...

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What is a “Fair” Division of Property in Divorce?

Going through a divorce is often stressful and can leave both spouses overwhelmed by this massive change in their lives. One major part of the divorce...

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