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Holiday Schedule in Sharing Child Custody

Creating a schedule that involves moving a child back and forth is hard enough for families with separated parents. When it comes to the holiday seaso...

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Nine Things You Should Keep in Mind Throughout Divorce

Divorce is usually strenuous for everybody involved, and nobody really wants to be stuck in that situation. It may seem that there are too many things...

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5 Tips for Custody Battle

Custody battles are often difficult for every party involved, especially if there is conflict over the arrangements to be made. These custody conflict...

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How to Tell Your Kids that You’re Getting a Divorce

Being the bearer of bad news to your children can be difficult and heart wrenching but you could alleviate some of the pressure when informing your ki...

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How Can I Fight Against Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is when a child rejects or resists contact with one parent while remaining aligned with the other. This often occurs when one pare...

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Child Support for an Adult Child with Disabilities

Typically, a divorced parent who does not have full-time custody regularly pays their ex-spouse support for their children—typically calculated base...

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Five Important Insurance Changes After Divorce

Five Important Insurance Changes After Divorce The end of marriage changes almost every aspect of your life and the way you handle your insurance is n...

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How Divorce Could Affect Your Retirement Plans

Today, more and more couples are filing for divorce in the second half of their lives. This concept is referred to as “gray divorce”. In fact, Pew...

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Five Common Mistakes Made in Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly difficult for anyone, not to mention an often-confusing process that often signifies the start of a whole new chapter of you...

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