Divorces Involving Children with Special Needs

Divorces Involving Children with Special Needs

Divorce is a difficult and complicated decision to make, and when it involves children with special needs, the stakes are even higher. The parents of children with special needs need to navigate challenges that many other families do not face and must consider the child’s need for unique care and support while considering their options. One of our divorce attorneys can help guide you through this process when you need to consider the care of special needs children.

Divorce and Special Needs

There are unique challenges to divorce with children with special needs that must be carefully navigated. Some of these challenges are:

Financial Considerations

Divorce must consider the need for budgeting and long-term financial needs in the future. When children are added to the equation, you must plan your financial future according to the child’s financial needs and need for stability. For children with special needs, this can mean carefully tailored medical and/or mental health treatment, developmental assistance, and education, which often costs much more than what a child without special needs would require.

Specialized Education

Children with special needs require special education that may only be offered in certain places or settings. Additionally, removing special needs children from an environment they are comfortable in can disrupt their education and social life.

Emotional Support

Divorce can be incredibly burdensome on children in general, but children with special needs often require more emotional support, especially if the child is afraid of or sensitive to change or readjustment. Make sure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your children to cope with change and express any potential concerns.

Support During Divorce

On top of navigating your divorce, caring for a child with special needs can be extremely challenging. Regardless, it is important to put your child and their needs first when navigating your divorce and prioritize stability and open communication. There are resources available to parents in these situations, including:

Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys who specialize in divorces with children with special needs can guide you through the legal process of advocating for you and your child.

Therapy or Counseling

Family therapy or individual therapy can help you cope with your divorce and help you develop healthy coping mechanisms so you can better support your child.

Family Support Groups

Connecting with other parents facing the same hurdles as you can help with distress and aid in finding direction with your child. Furthermore, this ensures you and your child have a supportive community that knows what you are facing and helps with open communication.

Pursuing Divorce with Special Needs Children

It can be scary to go through a divorce with a special needs child because it is unclear how the divorce will affect them. Meeting with a counselor, legal or otherwise, can help you determine how to best support and advocate for your children with special needs. Call Moskowitz Law Group to discuss your circumstances and how our team can help.

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