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The dynamic between family members can be complex and fraught with intense emotions. There are few things in life that people care more strongly about than their family, which is why when legal issues arise without one, it can be crucial to choose the right family law attorney. If you need help with ending a marriage, determining custody of children, pursuing or renegotiating financial support from a spouse, or any related matter, speak with an Essex County family lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

What Could a Family Lawyer Do?

A family law lawyer in Essex County could assist individuals with nearly any type of case related to their spouse or their children. These legal professionals may be able to help people who were never married, who were married for decades, who are engaged to be married, or have been married multiple times.

They could also help parents establish their paternity, legitimize their children, file for adoption, or determine where children will live and how much each parent will pay to support them. When a person has a legal issue related to the wellbeing of children their interpersonal relationships, or other family matters, the chances are good that a knowledgeable family attorney could help.

Dissolution of Marriage

A pending divorce may be the most common reason that people consult with a family lawyer. An attorney may help divorcing parties create a plan to divide their property, share time with their children, and determine financial support for either a spouse or a child.

Child-Related Issues

Family attorneys in Essex County may also help both divorcing and unmarried parents create an agreement determining which parent has physical custody, which parent or parents have legal custody, and how frequently the non-custodial parent will have visitation with their child or children.

Support Claims

In conjunction with deciding issues of child custody and visitation, an attorney may also help an individual pursue claims for financial support from their former spouse or their child’s other parent. A family lawyer may also file a case to force a party to make up any missed payments.

Marital Contracts

Family law attorneys often draft marital contracts for people at all stages of their relationship. This generally involves creating agreements for engaged couples that will determine what happens with their property in the event of a divorce or doing the same for people who are already married.

Other Services

In addition to the types of family cases listed above, Essex County attorneys could handle a wide variety of other claims. This may include filing restraining orders or injunctions, facilitating third-party adoptions, and modifying existing family law agreements.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Family law issues are often intensely emotional, and many people hire a family lawyer to help relieve some of their stress. Family law attorneys provide many benefits, most of which center around helping a case move faster and representing the best interests of the party who retained them.

A family lawyer familiar with the intricate financial requirements involved in a family law case may help calculate child support according to the New Jersey guidelines or could help value and assess the property in the marital estate. An attorney could also help individuals prepare for the long-term consequences of their actions.

As an example, a lawyer may advise individuals on the tax consequences of filing for divorce or adopting a child. They might also create a marital contract that protects assets like a retirement account or an investment portfolio in case a marriage ends.

One of the most essential advantages an Essex County family lawyer could provide is acting as a neutral third party who may be able to advocate for a person’s interests without being clouded by emotion. Given that many people in family law cases have a difficult time talking to their former partner, having an attorney to act as a go-between may save an immeasurable amount of stress and conflict for all parties.

Talk to an Essex County Family Attorney

No matter what type of family law problem you are facing, speaking with a family law attorney could give you guidance about your options and your next steps. If you are contemplating separating from your spouse, need help dealing with the parent of your children, or want to create a marital contract that protects your interests, call now and schedule an appointment with an Essex County family lawyer.

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