Five Common Mistakes Made in Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly difficult for anyone, not to mention an often-confusing process that often signifies the start of a whole new chapter of your life. While figuring out how to navigate that process, there are several common mistakes that you should work to avoid in order to have the smoothest transition possible.

1) Your emotions get in the way

Divorce is usually emotional, distressing, and tedious. A long divorce process may wear a person down, causing severe emotional reactions. While this is a common occurrence, it is important to focus on the end goals without your emotions impeding your decision-making.

Divorce involves a lengthy negotiation period, and it is important to maintain a clear head when making challenging life decisions. If emotions and tensions are running high, consider stepping back and taking a break to clear your mind and get a fresh start in the process.

2) You forget the best interests of your children

Divorce can cloud the mind with stress and put you on the offensive, especially during the negotiation process. If you have children, it is important to always keep their best interests in mind when forming your divorce agreement.

This includes everything from creating a visitation schedule, discussing your child’s expenses, or building a strong foundation for a healthy co-parenting relationship. Prioritizing your child’s best interests is not just important for them, but also what the courts require.

3) Not doing enough research

Based on your financial situation, children, state of the relationship, assets, and many other factors, your divorce agreement will likely be unique to your individual divorce. With all these variables at play, it can be important to research the right lawyer for you, types of divorce, required papers and financial documents in order to save yourself time and energy. If you begin compiling documents and doing research before your first consultation with your attorney, it may make the process of starting your case more efficient.

4) Refusing to compromise over the little things

If you find yourself arguing over small assets and details, you may become very tired, very quickly. Some components of your divorce are worth fighting for, but many small details bog people down. These arguments are often blown out of proportion, wasting time and money. A compromise could save many headaches and a great deal of conflict.

5) Having a short-sighted perspective

Through the divorce process, it is easy to get caught up in small arguments, court dates, child custody issues, and all the other elements of the separation. When creating your divorce agreement, it is important to be conscious of the long-term impacts of today’s divorce agreement.

Will you be happy with the agreement tomorrow? In two weeks? In two years? Make sure that you fully consider your future—as well as those of your children—when drafting agreements.

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