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Galit Moskowitz Is Certified By The Supreme Court Of New Jersey As A Matrimonial Law Attorney

Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney is a designation granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court to attorneys who are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge, and skill in matrimonial law practice. The Supreme Court, through its Board on Attorney Certification, designates only those lawyers who apply for certification and who are able to meet the standards set by the board and approved by the court.

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As per the New Jersey Supreme Court*, a Certified Attorney is more than just an attorney who specializes in a particular area of law. A New Jersey attorney who is certified by the Supreme Court as a matrimonial law attorney must have:

  • Been a member in good standing of the New Jersey bar for more than 5 years
  • Fulfilled ongoing continuing legal education requirements
  • Demonstrated a substantial level of experience in matrimonial law
  • Been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with his or her work
  • Taken and passed a written examination in matrimonial law
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Our Combined 100+ Years Of Experience Acts As A Legal GPS - Guiding You To Your Desired Destination.

We recognize the divorce process can be overwhelming, especially your first time. There are so many questions and anxieties that can arise during a divorce. However, the Moskowitz team is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. Our goal is to arrive at your desired destination safe and secure. Every legal advocate in the Moskowitz Law Group is made up of hand-selected, elite attorneys.

You always receive superior service, knowledge, and dedication. Galit Moskowitz has assembled a superb team of legal advocates ready to delve into your family’s case like it’s our own family. Everyone in our office is trained exclusively in family law to better protect your unique vulnerabilities. Fact is, we don’t have an A team for some, and a C team for everyone else – when you come here, you always get our A team.

We Know When It's Time For Diplomacy And When It's Time For More Aggressive Action.

Our founder Galit Moskowitz has instilled a unique quality in her team – to know when to settle things amicably between parties versus when to be assertive.

Everyone hopes both parties can reach a suitable agreement; however, there are times when the opposing side is uncooperative, and more aggressive action is needed. Knowing which action to take during a family law situation gives the Moskowitz Law Group a considerable advantage.

We have seen many advantageous outcomes from utilizing this unique skillset we possess. Our goal is for you to feel confident that your voice is represented, your interests are aggressively protected, and your future is not overlooked in exchange for short-term wins

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The Local Courts And Judges Respect Us, And We Have A Deep Understanding Of The Court Process.

Our vast experience and knowledge have allowed us to understand how the court system works on a deeper level. We know the vernacular and the strategies to use with both our judges and fellow attorneys.

During our many years in court, we’ve heard thousands of different family law scenarios and situations. We’ve also had the opportunity to observe many aspects of human behavior, which gives us vast insight into what impacts family law cases. We have seen decisions made early on in a case significantly weigh on the outcome of a case.

We welcome a challenge. Our goal is to maintain control of the process and not the other way around.

We Truly Care And Want The Best Outcome For You.

Galit had to endure the tough breakup of her parents when she was a child. This experience created a determination within her to do everything she can to minimize any negative impact divorce can have on both adults and children. Galit has been a vocal advocate for this cause, and she shares her insights on interviews, blogs, and speaking engagements.

Galit genuinely cares for every client. Her goal is to keep them grounded and positive throughout the family legal process. She examines both short and long term decisions to see how they will impact the client’s future. Most importantly, she makes a point to spare the young members of the family from unnecessary involvement whenever possible.

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The Moskowitz Method Is Designed For Success.

We understand the steps needed to achieve favorable outcomes. We call this process The Moskowitz Method. This is a process unique to our firm, and it guides our clients to favorable results financially, emotionally, and logically.

Our method can break down any divorce or child custody case into systematic steps. This method not only sets our firm apart, but more importantly, it delivers peace of mind to our clients because they know every decision we make is a result of careful consideration.

Our Priority Is To Protect Your Role As A Parent During The Dissolving Of Marriage.

Unfortunately, sometimes marriage doesn’t work; but, that doesn’t mean your children should pay the price. Because of our own experience in the divorce process, protecting children and their time with their parents is a priority.

We have helped hundreds of fathers and mothers attain custody arrangements that are fair to both parents while considering their children’s needs.

We treat every custody case as if it were our own. Your family will be treated like our own family, and we will consider everyone involved as we work with you to create a custody agreement that protects, nurtures, and provides for your children.

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We Dissolve The Marriage While Striving To Preserve Your Future Well-Being.

Decisions made during the divorce process will have after-effects. When we work with you, we don’t just look at the current situation; we also look to the future so we can help guide you. Because of our experience, we understand how certain decisions have long-term consequences. You might feel like you’ve won temporarily, but later realize your decision was a mistake.

We make every effort to ensure that even after the negotiations are over and the papers are signed, the children involved are left with a father and a mother who can still talk, and care for them.

You can be sure that we take every step to prevent your children from paying the price of the divorce. We’ve helped hundreds of fathers and mothers find the custody arrangement that allows them to remain dad and mom to their children.

We do it through our combined experience and proprietary process from hundreds of cases. We can’t guarantee results, but we can promise a fighting chance.

Protecting Your Property & Assets.

The Moskowitz Law Group advises their clients carefully and strategically as we collaborate and analyze how property and assets should be separated, along with the appropriate value to each party. We know you have worked hard for what you have which is why we aim to protect your property and assets tenaciously.

When it comes time to preparing and reviewing valuation, typically there is an extensive amount of discovery required for both parties involved. However, we are thorough in obtaining, reviewing, and cross-examining financial statements, deeds, titles, records, and more.

In special cases, we also work with expert forensic accountants who have experience in divorce and family law to minimize potential tax liabilities. We also provide discretion and confidentiality as we work through financial portfolio. We have experience in negotiating complex property division agreements as we seek to protect our client’s assets.

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Did You Know that less than 1% of Lawyers in New Jersey are Certified by the Supreme Court As Matrimonial Law Attorneys?
Galit Moskowitz is Proud To Be One of Them!
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