Starting Your Divorce in New Jersey

Concluding that you need to divorce your spouse is never an easy thing. Not only is this an immensely emotional choice, but it can also have an enormous impact on your finances and rights in the future. Every part of your life could change, from where you live, to how you will raise your children and your financial welfare.

It is important to answer some essential questions before taking your case to court. Is now the right time to file for divorce? How willing are you to come to a negotiated settlement? What is truly important to you for the future?

Understanding your rights and obligations is key when starting your divorce in New Jersey. By asking these hard questions, you could prepare to work with a local divorce attorney and learn more about how to begin these proceedings in New Jersey.

Is Now The Right Time to Handle This Massive Change?

Starting the divorce process in New Jersey always signals a seismic change in a person’s life. It is not unusual for people to move out of a marital home, stop participating in a family business, and potentially even lose contact with their children in some extreme cases. It is important to remember that it might take many months to finalize the divorce after initially filing, but a court could implement temporary orders that limit where one party is allowed to live as well as award custody of children.

It can be helpful to build up a preparatory store of cash to cover court costs or new expenses regarding children before taking the first steps to divorce. By asking these self-reflective questions, a spouse could work to determine if the time is right to file in New Jersey and how to start divorce paperwork.

Avoid Common Mistakes Before Beginning Divorce Paperwork

As unpleasant as it may sound, divorces operate on the adversarial system, meaning that spouses will be fighting over property rights, the ability to retain control over assets, and child custody. Because divorce is often a battle, there are a few common mistakes to avoid that can give an individual a better chance at achieving their goals after beginning divorce.

First, it is unwise to signal to the other party that you are contemplating a divorce. This could potentially give them an opportunity to consult with a divorce lawyer and strategize how they will move first to protect their interests. While it may be impossible to completely hide a desire to end a marriage, by not making direct statements, people might be able to retain the upper hand.

Additionally, it is essential to make an accurate recording of assets and liabilities, preferably before the initial steps for filing the divorce in New Jersey. A failure to do this could result in an incomplete statement of assets, possibly preventing the court from doing its job. Allegations of intentionally hiding assets might even lead to charges of civil or criminal contempt of court.

Identifying Personal Goals and Your Spouse’s Aims is a First Step to a Divorce

Despite the common conception that separations are always drawn out and bitter, divorces do not always have to be messy fights. Many separating couples are surprised to learn how closely their interests aligned during the process, and how better communication might have made their marital dissolution much simpler and quicker.

For some parties, it is possible to, and potentially even better to, work on creating an amenable out-of-court settlement agreement. This usually works best for couples who have uncomplicated assets and no shared children. However, marital agreements could function as a means to quickly obtain a divorce for all married people. People in New Jersey who enter into a separation agreement could obtain a strong foundation for starting their divorce proceedings.

Starting a Divorce in New Jersey Involves Several Steps Before Going to Court

While it is true that a divorce case does not formally start until one party files a complaint in court, realistically, parties should act to protect their interests long before this point. People who are reasonable about their goals and are willing to compromise on key points of a divorce could greatly benefit from honest contemplation of their situations.

Divorce might be inevitable, but if you are able to measure your assets and have an honest conversation with yourself concerning whether the time is right, you could save much frustration and animosity. It is essential to work with an NJ divorce attorney who knows when to fight and when to strategically negotiate to secure the best resolution possible.

Acting to protect your rights while remaining open to compromise after starting your divorce could be a step towards ending this chapter of your life while preparing for tomorrow. By working with a dedicated legal team, you can feel confident and support while starting your divorce in New Jersey. Call Moskowitz Law Group, LLC to schedule a consultation and start answering the difficult questions about how to start the divorce process.

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