Union County Child Custody Lawyer

Union County Child Custody Lawyer

When seeking to resolve child custody agreements, courts in the State of New Jersey always focus on the best interests of the child rather than those of their parents. Since custody agreements decide on complex and often-contested issues such as where a child lives, medical and religious choices, and more, having strong legal representation may be critical to achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.

If you are having problems reaching a reasonable middle ground over custody of your children, a Union County child custody lawyer may be able to assist you. Retaining a skilled family law attorney could be key to creating an amicable agreement that works best for you and your family.

Types of Custody Agreements

New Jersey state law provides for two basic types of child custody. Legal custody refers to a parent’s ability to make important educational, medical, and religious decisions regarding a child’s overall well-being. While both of a child’s parents or guardians would be granted joint legal custody under ideal circumstances, they retain the right to make emergency medical decisions on their child’s behalf and other related choices as needed even if a parent is not granted legal custody.

Physical custody determines where a child resides at a given point in time. This type of custody is more typically granted solely to one parent, with the non-custodial parent receiving periodic visitation rights. Working with an experienced Union County attorney could help an individual parent or guardian navigate the child custody process more productively.

Custody Considerations in Union County

While it is always best for parents to try to work together to determine a custody arrangement after a divorce, the court must ultimately make the final determination. The defining standard by which New Jersey courts make child custody determinations is “the best interests of the child.”

More specifically, there are a number of different factors that a court may consider when determining child custody. As noted to New Jersey Revised Statutes §9:2-4(c), these key factors could include:

  • The physical and mental fitness of each parent
  • Any special needs a child may have that must be met by their caretaker
  • The preferences of the child, when appropriate
  • Any history of physical and/or mental abuse by either parent or guardian, even if it does not involve the child in question
  • Parental flexibility in terms of adjusting their lives to incorporate caring for a child
  • The extent and quality of time each parent has spent with the child

Relocation and Child Custody

Before a parent or guardian with custody over a child they had with a former partner is able to move or relocate, they must obtain consent from the other parent. If consent to move is not granted, the court could take the matter under advisement based on:

  • If the move is reasonable
  • The prospectively relocating parent or guardian’s new employment
  • The distance of the move
  • Whether both parents would be able to maintain a relationship with the child or children, including how the move would affect visitation for the non-custodial parent
  • Advantages and disadvantages for the child

A Union County child custody attorney with experience in handling these cases could assist with obtaining consent from the other parent.

Contact a Union County Child Custody Attorney

A hard-working and dedicated attorney who understands the nuances involved in child custody law and negotiations may play an important role in helping you overcome issues that child custody may present. If you are concerned about your parental rights, a knowledgeable Union County child custody lawyer could help you and your family come to an agreement that reflects the best interest of your child or children. Call today to get started.

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