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Divorce can have many unfortunate consequences for spouses, but it can also affect the relationship between divorced parents and their children. A serious issue between divorced parents is parental alienation syndrome (PAS), which occurs when one parent actively tries to turn a child against their other parent by manipulating them into fearing, mistrusting, or disrespecting the other parent.

You may wish to contact a Union County child alienation lawyer if you have any reason to believe that a former spouse is sabotaging your relationship with your child. Although proving parental alienation can be hard, having a seasoned child custody attorney help bring your concerns to the attention of a family law court might help stop the harmful behavior through court-ordered therapy, mediation, or restraint. Legal remedies could include increased parenting time or modification of custody.

Types of Parental Alienation

While it is unfortunately common for former spouses to develop strong negative feelings for one another, some can develop an irrational belief that their ex-spouse poses a tangible danger to their children. Occasional disparaging comments can develop into a pattern of behavior centered around alienating a child from the other parent.

In general, there are three distinct types of parental alienation: active, naïve, and obsessed. A Union County child alienation attorney could help address any of these behaviors in the most proactive way possible.

Active Alienators

An active alienator is a parent who frequently uses derogatory and insulting language regarding their ex-spouse in the child’s presence. If it persists, this behavior might disrupt the relationship between the child and the other parent, as well as lead to litigation.

Naïve Alienators

A naïve alienator is a parent who knows that a child’s healthy development requires a solid relationship with both parents, but still occasionally disparages the other parent in front of the child. This generally involves a more passive form of aggression.

Obsessed Alienators

An obsessed alienator is a parent determined to undermine the relationship between a child and their other parent. This type of parent typically exhibits significant anger toward the other parent and a willingness to do whatever they incorrectly think they must do to shield their children.

Potential Remedies to Parental Alienation

If a court finds that alienation has occurred, a judge has the discretion to do whatever they deem necessary to protect the best interests of the child. Along with modifying parenting time and custody, a court may require the interfering parent to:

  • Attend parenting classes or other forms of counseling
  • Pay for counseling for the child, other parent, or both
  • Pay the other parent’s court fees and attorney costs
  • Participate in a community service project

Parental alienation is a real phenomenon, but unfortunately, judges may be unfamiliar with the complicated family dynamics at play in such cases. Despite that being the case, all family law courts are committed to promoting the best interests of the children involved. A lawyer with experience handling parental alienation cases in Union County courts may be able to help ensure they do.

A Union County Child Alienation Attorney Could Help

A child should never be manipulated into resenting, mistrusting, or fearing one of their parents by the other parent. Contact a Union County child alienation lawyer for information about what legal options might be available if you are being alienated from your child by your ex-spouse.

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