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After a divorce, many people find that they have not had to support themselves independently for many years and may need to obtain job training or additional education to be competitive in the job market. In many cases, a stay-at-home spouse may have little professional experience that may make living independently and maintaining a similar standard of living impossible.

However, any party to a divorce may petition the family courts for a spousal support order. Also known as alimony, these payments may last for many years or for an indefinite period to help place the parties on equal financial footing after a divorce. A Teaneck spousal support lawyer could help to fight for a fair spousal support order. A skilled family law attorney can help both parties asking for alimony and potential payees to present cases to judges that represent their positions on the subject.

When Spousal Support May be Appropriate Under State Law

Going through a divorce often places great financial strain on the parties involved. The spouses themselves or a family law judge must take steps to place both parties on a fair financial footing for the future. This analysis examines the ability of each party to earn a living and takes their current standard of living into consideration. However, situations may arise where a simple distribution of assets and debt cannot achieve this desired equity.

When this is the case, either party may petition the court for spousal support. According to New Jersey Revised Statute §2A:34-23, courts can implement various types of alimony orders. A Teaneck alimony attorney could provide more information about how long a support order should last and how much it should be valued at.

What Factors Will a Court Consider When Determining Alimony?

The creation of a spousal support order is never automatic. A court will only consider this question if one party to a divorce files a formal request for alimony and makes a persuasive argument as to why it is appropriate.

State law provides a list of factors that a court will consider when deciding the question of alimony including:

  • The need and ability of parties to pay
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The earning capacities, job training, and education of the parties
  • The parental responsibilities over children
  • The history of financial contributions to the marriage
  • The available income available to both parties through investments of current assets

The party asking for alimony bears the burden of proving their need and the other party’s ability to pay. A Teaneck spousal support attorney could help to present evidence in court that speaks as to the justice of a proposed spousal support order.

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Obtaining spousal support could help to provide a stable financial future. However, alimony is never automatic and both parties have the right to make arguments in court concerning the imposition of these orders. This could include demonstrating the need for payments as well as the ability of the other side to provide money.

A Teaneck spousal support lawyer may be able to help. They could help explain the legal processes behind obtaining a fair alimony order. Reach out to a lawyer today to see how they could help you.

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