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The end of a marriage will forever change the lives of those involved. Not only do the parties involved need to make new plans for the future, but they also must understand how their legal rights will change.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain a divorce without going to court. Family courts have broad powers to distribute marital property, arrange for the care and custody of children, and to order one spouse to pay alimony to the other. As a result, it is vital that people facing a potential divorce act quickly to protect their rights.

A Teaneck divorce lawyer could take the lead in arguing divorce cases. Whenever possible, they can help to reach settlement agreements that serve to shorten the process. However, it is essential to stand up for your interests during divorce proceedings and this may be easier with the help of a dedicated family lawyer.

Common Issues in Teaneck Divorces

Divorce represents the total legal separation of two parties once bound in marriage. As a result, a final marriage decree must be comprehensive. Some common issues that may lead to contested divorces include:

  • The distribution of marital property. New Jersey Revised Statute §2A:34-23.1 states that courts must equitably distribute all marital property including includes every asset and liability that the couple takes on during the course of a marriage.
  • The custody and care of children. Any divorce in Teaneck must result in a parenting plan for shared children, including considerations regarding both custody and child support.
  • The question of alimony: Either party to a divorce may ask a court to institute an order of alimony to maintain one spouse’s standard of living and financial stability.

A local divorce attorney could help identify what is important for each party and fight for their interests during settlement negotiation and the divorce trial.

How Does Divorce Progress Through The Courts?

Every divorce requires the parties to go to court at least once. Even if they have no children and they are able to amicably divide assets and debts, a Family Court judge must still sign off on the formal divorce order. However, cases in which the parties have reached an agreement before going to court may find that their case moves quicker.

Civil courts always encourage litigants to negotiate and attempt to reach common ground. If parties can come to an agreement before going to court, they can submit a settlement agreement with an original complaint. Parties may also wish to participate in mediation sessions during a lengthier divorce to see if they can settle their differences short of a full trial.

Trials are generally a last resort to settle key differences when negotiations have failed. A Teaneck divorce attorney could help guide a divorcing spouse through the entire divorce process from beginning to end.

Let a Teaneck Divorce Lawyer Fight for Your Future

The outcome of your divorce case may determine your property rights, your level of debt, your ability to collect alimony, and whether you will retain custody over your children. It is essential that you act quickly to understand your rights and navigate the New Jersey family courts.

A Teaneck divorce lawyer could work with you from day one to identify your goals, recognize where conflict may arise, and negotiate with the other party to come to a fair settlement. If this is impossible, they can take the case to trial to protect your rights to property and children. Contact a Teaneck divorce lawyer today to see how they could help you.

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