Hudson County Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Grandparents who are prevented from visiting with their grandchildren may be denied the chance to have a relationship and positive influence in the child’s life. If valuable time with your grandchildren has been denied, a family law attorney may be able to help you.

A Hudson County grandparents’ rights lawyer may be able to fight for a court order that could guarantee time with your beloved grandchildren. Court rulings have complicated grandparents’ rights to visitation, so experienced legal counsel could be essential in one of these cases.

Common Reasons for Pursuing Visitation in Hudson County

If a child’s parent or caregiver is denying permission for a grandparent to spend time with a child, the grandparent could petition the court for visitation orders. Examples of these situations include:

  • The custodial parent after a divorce denies grandparents access to the child
  • A parent dies and the living parent denies visitation
  • The child is placed with another guardian or caregiver who forbids visits
  • Contact is prevented for any other reason

The closer the relationship between grandchild and grandparent, the more likely the court is to grant visitation. A compassionate grandparent visitation lawyer could work to protect that unique relationship grandparents and grandchildren share.

Laws Regarding Grandparent Rights in Hudson County

Grandparents have a right to petition the court for visitation with grandchildren under New Jersey Revised Statutes §9:2-7.1.

Grandparent Visitation Statute

NJ State statute allows visitation if grandparents are able to provide a preponderance of evidence that visitation is the in the child’s best interests. The court considers several factors when considering the best course of action in a grandparent visitation case:

  • The relationship between the child and grandparents
  • Relationship between the child’s parent or guardian and the grandparent
  • The impact of visitation on the relationship between the child and their parent or custodial guardian
  • Any time-sharing arrangement between the child’s parents
  • Whether the application is in good faith
  • Any history of abuse or neglect by the grandparent

The judge may also consider any other evidence relevant to the child’s best interests. If the grandparents were ever the full-time caretaker or had custody of the child, their case may be stronger.

Court Rulings Affecting Grandparent Visitation

Courts have ruled that parents have the right to make decisions about the care and control of their children, limiting grandparents’ rights to visitation under state law.

In Hudson County today, grandparents must show that the child will suffer harm if unable to visit with grandparents. The harm may even be psychological or emotional, but proving these cases is quite difficult. Expert witnesses such as a child psychologist may be necessary in some cases to prove that a child would suffer without grandparent visitation. Grandparents in Hudson County fighting for their right to be in their grandchild’s life could be helped by a grandparents’ rights lawyer.

Call a Hudson County Grandparents’ Rights Attorney Now

If someone is preventing you from visiting your grandchildren, you need to take legal action. The laws that apply to grandparents’ rights are complex, and winning a visitation order is often difficult. A Hudson County grandparent’s rights lawyer could help you stand up for your rights and the best interests of your grandchildren. Call today to start fighting to be in your grandchild’s life.

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