Hudson County Mother’s Rights Lawyer

Hudson County Mother’s Rights Lawyer

A custody dispute can threaten a mother’s right to protect and care for her children. Fortunately, swift legal action—alongside consultation with a seasoned family attorney—may safeguard your rights and benefit your children. A Hudson County mother’s rights lawyer could review your case and help you take action to pursue the outcome you deserve.

A Mother’s Rights to Custody of Her Children

State law does not presume that a mother will get custody of children or provide her with an automatic advantage in a custody case. Instead, New Jersey Revised Statutes §9A:2-4 grants both parents equal rights in custody cases and encourages custody arrangements that provide continuing and frequent contact with both parents.

This does not mean that mothers do not have rights, but rather that both parents may have the same legal rights at the beginning of a custody dispute. A Hudson County mom’s rights attorney could provide further clarification about how this statute’s specific language may affect a particular case.

Best Interests of the Children

Courts consider many factors in custody cases to determine the best interests of a child. Some of these factors may be especially important when defending a mother’s right to custody, such as:

  • The interaction between the child and parents
  • Needs of the child
  • Stability of a home environment
  • Any history of domestic violence

In a similar vein, the amount and value of any mandated child support payments depend on parenting time, the children’s needs, and each parent’s income. A mother who is the primary custodian of a child or who has historically been a stay at home parent may be entitled to child support. Understanding legal counsel may be able to help a mother pursue this support for the benefit of her children.

Protecting Moms and Children from Abuse

Although the law usually requires a mother to encourage contact between children and their father, it does not punish a mother for preventing contact between an abusive partner and the children prior to the existence of a custody order. However, abuse allegations may be difficult to prove when it comes to child custody matters in family court, and sometimes mothers may also be accused of perpetrating abuse. A mother’s rights lawyer in Hudson County might be able to help defend a mom in these difficult situations.

How a Mother’s Career Choices Affect Her Rights

Family dynamics often change when parents separate, and a mother who has stayed at home with small children may need to seek employment to support her household. Households, where the mother or both parents worked outside of the home, may also have to find new routines.

Mothers who stayed at home with children may have certain factors in their favor, such as the quality of time spent with children before the separation, but a mother who has worked outside of the home to support and care for children also has rights and may have other factors in her favor. A knowledgeable legal representative could fight to have these factors applied advantageously, regardless of a mom’s career choices.

How a Hudson County Mother’s Rights Attorney Could Help

Custody cases are unique, and so are the challenges you may face in yours. Fortunately, a Hudson County mother’s rights lawyer may be able to review your case and advocate for you. Standing up for your rights as a mother could benefit you and your children, so start working to protect your family by contacting a lawyer now.

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