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If you are part of an affluent but unhappy couple, you might be hesitant to file for divorce for fear to give up a large portion of your assets. Fortunately, Hackensack is not situated in a community property state, so you may be able to separate from your partner while still keeping the property over which you would like to claim ownership.

Hackensack courts follow rules of equitable division, so the number of assets you might lose during dissolution is based on whatever the court believes is fair. Because of the uncertainty of marital asset division, it may be beneficial for you to retain an adept Hackensack high net-worth divorce lawyer. A seasoned divorce attorney who has experience in dissolutions involving wealthy couples could provide critical help to you throughout this complex process.

Equitable Division of Large Assets

Hackensack is in an equitable distribution state, which means property might not be split equally down the middle during a divorce. Put another way, the court has the power to distribute the assets in a manner that it believes is reasonable.

When splitting up marital property, the tribunal might consider several factors, including:

  • Earning capacity and income of each party
  • Terms of any prenuptial or post-marital agreements
  • Assets that each partner brought into the union
  • Length of the marriage
  • Lifestyle established during the couple’s time together

Prenuptial Agreements and High Net-Worth Divorces

Some affluent couples may have formed a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding, which may determine how the assets could be divided during a divorce. A court would typically honor such a contract provided that the terms within are fair and neither spouse signed the agreement because of fraud or duress.

Per New Jersey Revised Statutes §37:2-37, a married couple is authorized to revise their premarital agreement—or revoke it all together—in writing. A skilled Hackensack high net-worth divorce attorney may be able to provide practiced advice when someone is bound by a written and signed prenuptial contract.

Alimony After a High Net-Worth Divorce

Spousal maintenance, or alimony, may become a particularly important issue during a wealthy couple’s divorce. In this kind of situation, one spouse might be used to a certain standard of living that they might not be able to attain on their own.

A court may award alimony to one spouse for the period between their separation and a marriage to someone new. A seasoned high net-worth divorce lawyer in Hackensack may be adept at making legal arguments for or against spousal maintenance, depending on the circumstances.

Talk with a Hackensack High Net-Worth Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce at any income level can be an excruciating experience. However, dissolutions of marriage that involve many assets and property can be particularly complex. If you are in the midst of a divorce or planning to separate, it may be a smart decision to retain a diligent attorney.

A capable Hackensack high net-worth divorce lawyer may be a valuable resource during the end of a marriage involving high incomes for one or both involved parties. Call today to talk about your options for the dissolution of your marriage and the division of your assets.

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