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A divorce decree does not always mark the end of the conflict between estranged partners. Arguments about the care of the children might continue to brew, and ex-spouses may continue to disagree about the fairness of support payments and various other issues.

If you have completed your divorce proceedings but still continue to battle with your former partner, you might need to call a seasoned divorce attorney for assistance. A skilled Hackensack post-divorce disputes lawyer may be able to assist you in resolving the conflict.

Adjustments to Alimony

Alimony, or spousal maintenance, may be available to some former partners in Hackensack. However, spousal maintenance is not supposed to continue if the receiving spouse remarries. Per New Jersey Revised Statues §2A:34-25, alimony should terminate when the nonpaying partner either gets married or enters into a civil union.

Upon marriage to a new partner, the alimony recipient is legally required to inform their ex-spouse, as well as any collection agency for the spousal maintenance. If they fail to do so, the paying partner may take them to court. A payor of spousal maintenance might want to consider retaining a Hackensack post-divorce disputes attorney to ensure the termination of alimony.

Tax Disputes After Divorce

During divorce proceedings, some couples neglect to take the tax consequences of their agreements into account. For example, if former partners choose to jointly maintain a rental property or a vacation home, they may not have considered the annual property tax bill and who will pay it.

Estranged spouses may have their income taxes due soon after the divorce has been finalized. When filing separately, each of the partners may want to claim the children as dependents and deduct the mortgage interest on the co-owned property. A Hackensack attorney may be experienced in negotiations concerning tax debts and benefits.

Post-Divorce Issues About Child Support

The needs and desires of children can change as they grow, and the monetary implications of these changes can sometimes be a source of conflict. Accordingly, a court may alter a final judgment for child support if the circumstances justify the change.

Divorced parents who believe they are due more money based on their new situation might file an application for modification of a support decree. Likewise, if a paying parent believes the amount of child support should be lowered, they may seek this type of adjustment themselves.

If one or more children receiving support has reached the age of adulthood, the child support payor may alert the court of this fact so that adjustments might be made. A seasoned post-divorce disputes lawyer in Hackensack should have experience with similar issues and may be able to help.

Call a Hackensack Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

If you have been fighting with your ex-spouse, you might need legal assistance to help end the conflict. Contact a Hackensack post-divorce disputes lawyer so you can continue with your future peacefully.

An adept legal professional may have experience with the types of disputes you are having with your ex-spouse and could advocate on your behalf. Call today to learn more about the options available for your case.

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