Hackensack Child Custody Issues

Figuring out how to share your children after you have split up can be a frustrating experience. Although you may want your kids to see their other parent, you might have understandable concerns about whether they will feel safe and secure in that situation.

If you are forming a parenting plan with your former partner, it may be beneficial to obtain the advice of a local legal professional. A Hackensack lawyer might be able to work with you on addressing child custody issues such as parenting time, alimony, military deployment, or parental alienation. Reach out to a dedicated child custody attorney today.

Parenting Time Concerns

When a couple with children separates or divorces, they would generally receive a child custody order from the court. If there are other issues that the court must handle, one parent may be granted temporary full custody.

Under New Jersey Revised Statutes §9:2-3, a Hackensack judge can make rulings concerning the “care, custody, education, and maintenance” of children living in the jurisdiction. After the court has made a decision about how the estranged couple should share their children, any deviation from the plan could result in contempt charges.

Parental Alienation Issues

Hackensack courts are required to be equitable when decreeing a child custody order. Specifically, the court should allow “frequent and continuing contact with both parents” when possible, according to state law.

If a parent has issues with their ex-partner alienating their children from them, their attorney may alert the court and seek a modification to the current child custody order. Interference with the custody of a child may also be charged as a crime, depending on the circumstances of the obstruction and the frequency of its occurrence.

Issues of Child Endangerment in Hackensack

A parent may be excused from giving custody of their child to their estranged partner if they reasonably believe that it could be dangerous to do so. However, an attorney may need to raise the issue in court first.

Under N.J.R.S. §9:2-4.1, a caregiver who is convicted of sexual assault, improper sexual contact, or endangering the life of a child may not be allowed to have any form of custody or visitation with their kids. If the court deems that visitation would be in a child’s best interest, it may order supervised parenting time.

Child Custody Issues for Military Personnel

If a member of the military is subject to a child custody agreement, they are required to inform the other parent about their scheduled deployments or furloughs in a timely manner. Likewise, the parent who remains with the child must make the children reasonably available to the servicemember before deployment or during leave. An experienced Hackensack lawyer may be well-versed in issues with child custody involving military parents.

Contact a Hackensack Attorney about Child Custody Issues

If you are a Hackensack parent having child custody issues, you may want to hire competent legal counsel specializing in family law. Call today to speak with a legal representative about your child custody concerns and learn more about your rights as a parent.

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