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Custody agreements, and each parent’s compliance with them, tend to be a critical concern after a divorce or separation. When your former spouse or partner is not complying with their obligations or acting within the confines of your current child custody order, you have the right to take legal action.

A Hackensack child custody enforcement lawyer can examine your case and determine the most effective strategy to hold the non-compliant party accountable. In cases where your former spouse or partner obstructs your custodial rights, a child custody attorney can advocate for the court to uphold and enforce your rights.

Child Custody Violations That May Require Enforcement

What constitutes a child custody order violation depends on the specifics of the underlying agreement, judgment, or order established during the separation or divorce. Violations can occur in many situations, including situations where parents share custodial responsibilities and cases involving one custodial and one non-custodial parent. Common examples of child custody violations include:

  • Not appearing to take or visit the child during an established custodial time
  • Blocking the other parent from spending time with their child under the terms of the existing custody order
  • Blocking the other parent from having phone or video contact with the child
  • Making major decisions regarding the child’s welfare or life without the consent of the other parent
  • Purposely being late returning the child to the other parent for their designated share of time with the child
  • Traveling out of state or country with the child without the consent of the other parent

Other possible custody violations could include purposely keeping the child away from the other parent despite their right to parenting time under the custody order or letting a third party take the child, even for a short period, without the consent of the other parent. When someone believes their child’s other parent is not abiding by the terms of their child custody agreement, judgment, or order, a Hackensack child custody enforcement attorney can help pursue an enforcement action to protect the child’s best interests.

Consequences of Child Custody Violations

Parents or other parties who violate a custody order may be subject to a wide range of remedies or sanctions through an enforcement action. The consequences for a specific violation will depend on the terms of the existing custody agreement and the facts and circumstances underlying the violation. For example, the outcome of a successful enforcement action could include additional visitation time to make up for periods in which a parent was prevented from seeing their child. The court could also require the violating party to submit to the terms of the custody agreement or compensate the other parent for legal fees arising from a court filing to enforce the agreement.

In other cases, especially chronic cases, the consequences of an enforcement action can be much more severe. A modification to the existing custody agreement could make changes to the parenting time schedule for the violating party, limiting their ability to see their child moving forward so they have less opportunities to interfere with the parenting time schedule. Repeated violations may also lead to heavy monetary sanctions and even a bench warrant for the violating parties’ arrest. A Hackensack child custody enforcement attorney can assist with all matters regarding child custody enforcement, from filing the initial application with the Court to seeking a modification of the order or pursuing sanctions.

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A Hackensack child custody enforcement lawyer understands the challenges and legal steps involved with ensuring your child receives the custodial support they need. A legal professional can offer tireless representation while helping to alleviate any legal burdens you face.

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