How Prenuptial Agreements Help High Net Worth Couples

Being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement shortly after becoming engaged is no one’s idea of romance. But in a world where your personal information can be leaked online, your identity stolen, or spouses engaging in activity to hide assets; it is critical for high net worth couples to lay groundwork for what to expect if the marriage ends. A prenuptial agreement is designed to do just these things, and it can be a huge comfort to know what lies ahead. No one has a crystal ball, but a prenuptial agreement can be the next best thing because it spells out who gets what in the event of a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is also helpful when it comes to learning more about your soon to be spouse. Discussing the “what ifs” can really help you get to know a person, regardless of how well you thought you knew that person prior to having the talk. For some couples, the information learned during a prenuptial agreement negotiation can reveal personal philosophies on important life issues, and give the couple the chance to reach common ground on the things that matter most. This can strengthen the relationship, and ultimately the marriage. For couples with sizable assets, this can be a real eye opener and give the parties a chance to make investment choices that meet their needs.

Another benefit to having a prenuptial agreement has to do with your property. If you and your significant other own several properties, or valuable pieces of property, it is critical to have a plan for their disposition if the marriage ends. In this way a prenuptial agreement can serve some of the same purposes as basic estate planning. It is a comfort to know you will have a roof over your head, and be able to hold on to assets you brought into the marriage if you get divorced. This is especially true if you intend on having, or already have children. Being able to provide for yourself and your kids post-divorce is a top priority, and setting forth how this will happen in a prenuptial agreement can give you peace of mind.

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