How to Bring up Divorce to Your Partner

Divorce is never easy, but sometimes it is the best choice for you and your family. Making this decision is hard enough, but bringing it up to your partner can be paralyzing.

There are different methods that can help ease tension to help keep things civil with your partner, such as taking time to prepare, putting yourself in the right mindset, and understanding how to proceed through each stage. If you are ready to take this step, make sure to do so with a committed divorce lawyer by your side. A skilled divorce attorney can ensure that all your legal boxes are checked so that you can focus on what matters – your family.

Preparation and Critical First Steps

A common first instinct when it comes to bringing up divorce to your partner might be to quickly tell them and move on to get it over with. It is important to refrain from doing this, as it this a delicate conversation and should not be rushed. Instead, take substantial time to reflect and think about who else this affects, most importantly, any children.

One of the first things that should be considered is the environment you plan to tell your partner in. You should make sure the conversation happens in private, away from other family members, especially children. The chosen location should also allow for both you and your partner to speak openly and freely without distraction.

Internal Reflection and Taking Action

Once an appropriate environment has been chosen, it is now time to communicate with your partner. Prior to the conversation, make sure you are in the correct mindset.  It is best to be honest and straightforward throughout the whole conversation. Some people find it helpful to practice what they need to say beforehand to avoid becoming argumentative on the spot. The goal is not to bring up past mistakes and fight with your partner, but to stay calm and inform them of your decision.

It is also important to consider the potential reactions of your partner. People respond to the news of divorce in different ways, such as shock, sadness, or even intense anger. You may not be able to predict how your partner will take the news; but remember that you always have control of yourself. If you feel uncomfortable or that your partner is acting erratically, remove yourself from the situation and get the necessary outside help to deal with the situation.

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Handling divorce and all the stress it can bring should not be endured alone. If you need help navigating this process, contact us to learn more about how our team of skilled family law attorneys can help. It is vital that you understand your options and the necessary steps that should be taken once you have made this decision.

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