Emotional Benefits To Reverting To Your Maiden Name After Divorce

Moving past the pain of divorce is different for every person. The time it takes to feel like yourself again varies in case, and the things that help get you where you need to be emotionally are not the same for anyone. In some cases it is helpful to take up an old hobby, or to find a new interest. In other cases, taking positive steps toward the future can only happen with the help of a trained counselor or therapist. The key is to do what works for you and to take small steps rather than giant leaps, and to do what feels right to you.

An issue that frequently arises when a couple gets divorced is whether the wife will take back her maiden name. The question is almost as common as whether a newly married woman will keep her name, hyphenate, or take on her new husband’s last name. In divorce, if there are children, a good argument can be made that keeping your ex-husband’s name is best, so your kids continue to feel like a family. But, there is one school of thought that there are emotional benefits for a woman to revert to her maiden name after divorce. In some cases, especially those where the divorce was heated, reverting back to a maiden name can give a woman a sense of her new identify. When cases are hotly contested, hanging on to your ex-husband’s last name can be a constant reminder that the marriage has ended.

It is important to face your new life with confidence, and when you believe your last name is holding you back it can help to return to your maiden name. For some women, the association with her ex-husband or even his family has a negative impact in their social circle or with friends. This is especially true in cases where the behavior of the husband has been socially unacceptable, or even illegal. Sometimes shedding a married name and returning to a maiden name shows that you are disconnecting from any bad acts, or questionable activity. Doing this can help you get over the emotional trauma that goes along with divorce and help you to move towards a happy future faster.

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