Child Custody Agreements for Parents Who Were Never Married

Child Custody Agreements for Parents Who Were Never Married

Determining child custody arrangements for parents who are separated is always difficult to navigate. Figuring out how to divide childcare responsibilities can be especially complex for parents who were never married. It is important for both parents involved in a child custody case to practice open communication and transparency to create an arrangement that works for everyone.

A family attorney can provide vital assistance with developing a fair child custody agreement for parents who were never married. For now, here is some advice on how to approach these discussions with your child and former partner.

Creating a Schedule to Instill Routine

Both parents’ availability is a key factor in establishing designated parenting time for a child. It is important to set boundaries. For example, some parents feel comfortable spending time with their child in the same space as the other parent, while others would rather have their parenting time to themselves in separate spaces. Aside from a weekly schedule, do not forget to discuss holidays, birthdays, school breaks, vacations, and other important events that may come up in your child’s life. The rise of digital media has also allowed for online shared calendars, such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar, to help with this planning. There are also specialized apps and platforms for coparenting children that have useful calendar functions and other features to coordinate coparenting.

Discussing Finances with a Mediator

Discussions about financial support can be touchy and delicate in the context of child custody. When determining how to provide for a child’s necessities and whether one parent should be paying child support, being honest about your financial situation is vital. Consider hiring a professional mediator to facilitate a productive and safe environment for these conversations. Mediators do not take any sides and are there to diffuse confrontations, promote alternative ways of thinking, and offer advice as to how a case can be settled.

Listening to Your Child

The separation of parents can be a hard adjustment for any child to adapt to. As it is important to have open communication with your former partner about custody, it is equally important to listen to feedback on an arrangement from your child’s perspective. If a child does not feel comfortable with one parent’s living arrangements or another parent’s tardiness, it is necessary to adjust the agreements accordingly. It is essential for parents to pay attention to how their children are adapting to their new living situations.

Moskowitz Law Group Can Assist with Child Custody Agreements for Unmarried Parents

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