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Factors Divorced Parents Should Consider Prior to Halloween

As many already know, the end of the year is busy with holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, many individuals forget that Halloween is actually the unofficial start of the holiday season. Because Halloween is a holiday that is not often addressed in divorce agreements, divorced couples who share custody of their children must work together in order to decide who will care for and send time with their children on this holiday.

Divorced couples should reach agreements prior to Halloween by considering the following factors:

  • Children should be able to trick-or-treat with familiar faces and neighbors
  • Children should be comfortable walking around a familiar neighborhood
  • Children should be accompanied by a responsible parent
  • Children should be accompanied by a parent who is willing to join in on the fun, safe, holiday activities

Additionally, parents who share children should discuss the following matters, prior to the holiday, to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable conflicts:

  • Curfews for children
  • Costume selections for children
  • Activities planned for the evening
  • Driving arrangements made with other adults or parents (if any)

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To discuss your case, call our Bergen County child custody attorneys. Our legal team wishes you and your family a safe and happy Halloween weekend and night!