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Do Dads Have Rights?

For decades when a couple got divorced the kids automatically were placed with their mother for the majority of their time. Dads were relegated to a back seat role, often times only seeing their children every weekend, a few holidays, and a week or so in the summer. But, times have changed. Today, more and more dads are getting full custody or at least shared custody of their kids. This gives the children the chance to continue to develop meaningful relationships with both parents and allows the family to adjust to the new family dynamic with ease.

Father's Rights Gaining More Attention

About a year ago, USA Today published an article about the increase in dad's rights, especially as it relates to child custody. Fathers are being more assertive and demanding equal time with their kids. The stereotypes are being broken as more and more dads find their way to the Courthouse to seek more time with their kids, ask for more responsibility, or request to be the primary caregiver. This trend is not likely to lose steam anytime soon, and studies show the impact on children is positive.

When issues of child custody and visitation arise, it is critical the kids see the wishes of both parents considered. As long as these things are pursued for the benefit of the children rather than out of spite for your ex, the emotional effects on your children will be positive. When kids are given an opportunity to be open with both parents and feel secure in their place in the family, the divorce process is made less damaging for children. We believe both parents, when fit, deserve the chance to play a vital role in raising their kids.

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