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Can I Get My Ex To Pay My Attorney Fees?

Getting a divorce takes a toll not only your emotional state but on your finances as well. Given the expense associated with legal proceedings, it is commonly asked whether you can hold your ex-spouse responsible for your attorney fees. The answer to this question, like most things involving the law, depends on the specific facts of your case.

The one instance where you are able to have your ex-spouse pay your attorney fees is when your spouse has engaged in dishonest behavior during the pendency of your divorce case. For example, the New Jersey Courts have provided some guidance in a case involving the divorce of two doctors whose children were in their father's custody while their mother paid support. When the kids turned 18, the mother filed a motion to emancipate her children and terminate her support obligation. The father objected, claiming that one of his sons was a full-time college student and still in need of financial support. Part of the husband's request, in this matter, was for his ex-wife to pay his attorney fees. The Court agreed and ordered the wife to pay the fees, specifically stating her misrepresentation about her son's financial independence warranted a finding that she be responsible for the attorney fees incurred by her ex-husband.

In other cases, the facts may not be so clear-cut. Sifting through the evidence and identifying pieces that are beneficial to your case is a task best left to a trained Bergen County divorce attorney. At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, we know what to look for, how it will help your case, and how to present it to the Court in a light most favorable to your position. We understand the importance of financial freedom during and after your divorce and work with you to reach solutions that fit your needs.

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