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Not Getting Everything You Want: Why The New Alimony Bill Caused Quite A Stir

paid in New Jersey, there were more questions than answers. Payers and recipients both wondered if their cases would be impacted, and if so, to what degree? Some of the results seem the same as before the new law was enacted, but others do not. Trying to figure out if the result in your case is correct is a difficult task, and one that should be undertaken by a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Some reports note that the result is just as harsh as the prior statutory scheme. Consider the following examples:

● Marriages lasting less than twenty years are subject to a mathematical formula for determining the amount and duration of payments.

● The requirement to apply a formula to marriage of less than 20 years has exceptions, making it difficult to determine when to apply the formula and what extraneous factors can be brought before the Judge.

The result could be that alimony is tied to the duration of the marriage in some cases, but not in others. The role of the Judge is also reduced, but not entirely eliminated. This makes it hard to identify what factors are likely to be considered, and to what degree. To make sure the amount ordered in your case is correct, contact a family law attorney who focuses on family law matters.

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