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It is important to understand that after a divorce, the non-custodial parent often has rights to visitation with their biological child. If you are a custodial parent and wish to pursue relocation for a job opportunity or any other reason, you will need a court order in order to accomplish this within the law. Make sure that you do so accurately by enlisting the help of our Bergen County divorce lawyers at Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. We have over 50 years of collective experience in assisting families with their family law matters.

If you wish to relocate your family, then there are essentially two ways that you may accomplish this:

  • Meeting with your ex-spouse and reaching a written agreement through negotiation
  • Private arbitration or family court to obtain a move-away order

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What Factors are Considered in New Jersey Removal Relocation Cases?

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your ex-spouse, and you are pursuing a move-away order, then there are several factors that will be considered in your situation:

  • The distance of the move
  • The foundational reasons for the move
  • Any adverse impact that the relocation will have on the children affected
  • The reasonable ability of the opposing parent to relocate to the place of the proposed move
  • The advantages of moving the parent and children to the proposed area

There may be several reasons why a relocation order could be more beneficial, and therefore more likely to be granted, such as a case of domestic violence, a better job opportunity that would greatly benefit the children involved, and many other situations.

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Ultimately, the greatest factor that will be considered in these cases is the well-being of the children who are affected by this order. It is important that you have skilled legal assistance on your side that can help you prove that this relocation is in the child’s best interests. At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, our Bergen County divorce attorneys understand the severity of your case and you can be sure that we will work with you toward the results that you need. We serve clients in Hackensack, Morristown, Bergen County, and throughout New Jersey. Results May Vary Depending On Your Particular Facts and Legal Circumstances.

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