Child Custody Issues in New Jersey

Divorce and custody are not cut and dry topics, often creating substantial conflict. Whether it is deciding who will have primary custody, where the child’s primary residence will be, and parenting schedules, there are many child custody issues in New Jersey divorced parents may face. If you are having difficulties with settling custody matters, an experienced local child custody attorney might be your best option for finding solutions.

Issues After Custody Orders Have Been Finalized in New Jersey

Depending on the specifics of the separating couple and how contentious they are, there may be excessive amounts of conflict or none. If one party moved and it is not feasible to maintain the same custody arrangement, parenting time and visitation schedules may need to change to reflect the change in circumstance. If the change in the situation would affect the child’s ability to continue to go to their current school, it may also affect the way the decision is made in order to represent the child’s best interests. It is important for parents to remember that until a new arrangement is issued by the courts, the existing orders must be respected and followed.

It is prudent to formalize any changes in New Jersey to ensure that they will be in effect for the long-term, potentially preventing further child custody issues for the parents. The best way to avoid complications with child custody cases is to hire an attorney with experience handling custody battles.

The Child’s Voice and Best Interest in New Jersey Custody Conflicts

The child is not a party to the action, so if parents do not bring any issues up, the child will not have an opportunity to independently voice their desires or wishes. However, if there are disputes between the parents preventing them from coming to a resolution, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the best interest of the child. In these situations, the child’s voice could be heard through that attorney. In other cases, the court could appoint experts like mental health professionals or custody evaluators to interview the child and represent their wishes and best interests.

If the court appoints an attorney, assigns a custody evaluator, or if the judge interviews the child, they do not need to be actually present in court, and their age does not factor into the validity of their wishes. However, the older the child, the easier it is for them to voice their opinion whether it is in an interview with the judge or to their own attorney or to the custody evaluator.

How an Attorney Could Help Resolve Custody Issues

A good child custody lawyer could help parents come to a resolution that they feel is acceptable and present it to the other side, potentially preventing further conflict. If there is one particular issue that the client is very adamant about, their lawyer could help develop a strategy to win a child custody case in New Jersey.

Talking to an attorney is important because if any changes are going to be made, they must know the ramifications of those changes. The primary concern with any child custody issue will always be the child’s best interests, requiring the parent to evaluate the impact their actions will have on the kid. If the parent is going to move, the consequences may harm the future of their child, warranting serious consideration, or it may create an issue with child custody. Any substantial changes in living situations could cause conflict and it may be wise to consult an attorney before enacting any of these changes.

Let a New Jersey Attorney Handle Your Child Custody Issues

It is important to not do anything that is going to upset your child or put the child in the middle. If you are handling child custody issues in New Jersey, you may need the help of a seasoned local custody lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.

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