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One of the most challenging issues that must be decided when parents divorce or separate is child custody. In New Jersey, family law courts will hand down rulings in the child’s best interests generally granting regular and ongoing contact with both parents. And while that does not always result in a 50/50 child custody arrangement, both parents will always have the opportunity to play a role in their child’s life as long as they are fit to do so and they have the desire to do so.

Consider contacting a New Jersey child custody enforcement lawyer for information about your legal options as they pertain to enforcing a child custody court order. If your child’s other parent is violating the order, a child custody attorney could take a number of different actions on your behalf. These include modifying the order to more accurately reflect current circumstances or file a motion in family law court to enforce the order through a variety of legal options.

What Constitutes a Child Custody Agreement Violation?

There are many different scenarios in which a family law court will likely deem a parent to be in violation of a child custody agreement. Situations a New Jersey child custody enforcement attorney can help with include the following:

Deviation From the Visitation Schedule

If the parent is keeping the child overnight when they are not scheduled to or scheduling activities with the child outside of the designated visitation times, a court may decide the parent is violating the custody agreement.

Disrupting the Other Parent’s Relationship with the Child

Making disparaging or untrue statements about the other parent to the child does undermines a healthy co-parenting situation. A parent who believes they are being alienated from their child should think of getting in touch with a New Jersey child custody enforcement lawyer and ask a family law court to intervene.

Taking the Child Without Notice

It can be considered a violation of a child custody agreement if one parent takes the child without notice and does not notify the other parent. In extreme cases, this may amount to kidnapping and require FBI involvement.

Harming the Child

If a co-parent abuses alcohol and drugs or is otherwise creating an unhealthy living environment for the child, a court may intervene and agree to modify the child custody order.

Options When a Parent is Violating a Child Custody Agreement

There are several enforcement actions that a New Jersey family law attorney might recommend a parent take if their child custody agreement is being violated:

Keep Detailed Records

Writing down an account of each violation may come in useful down the road should legal action become necessary. A seasoned child custody enforcement lawyer in NJ could use these records to build a strong case to modify parenting orders.

Speak with the Other Parent

One of the easiest ways to address child custody agreement violations is to voice one’s concerns with the other parent and attempt to reach a mutually agreeable solution without the need for legal action. This can save time, money, and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Hire a New Jersey Child Custody Enforcement Lawyer

A family law attorney could advise a parent of their legal options and take the necessary steps to either enforce or modify a child custody agreement. This could be accomplished through informal discussion, mediation, or formal legal action such as filing a motion for contempt.

Call the Police

Calling the police over a possible child custody agreement violation is an extreme, but sometimes necessary, measure. However, a parent should absolutely take this action in the event of child abuse or kidnapping.

Contact a New Jersey Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Violating a child custody agreement can be a very serious matter requiring the intervention of a family law court. Contact a New Jersey child custody enforcement lawyer for additional information on what options might be available to you if you believe violations are occurring.

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