New Jersey COVID-19 Divorce Lawyer

Pursuing a divorce can be an overwhelming undertaking, but the uncertain circumstances created by the spread of the coronavirus have made this legal process seem even more complicated. Fortunately, a New Jersey COVID-19 divorce lawyer is fully equipped to help you enter marriage dissolution proceedings safely and according to pandemic safety regulations. Skilled legal counsel could help you navigate any modifications to the divorce process caused by the pandemic and ensure that you are prepared for each step.

Equipped to Handle Virtual Cases and Accommodate COVID-Related Needs

The skilled divorce attorneys at the Moskowitz Law Group have gotten extensive virtual hearing experience since the pandemic began. All of our attorneys are fully equipped, both from their homes and from the office, to conduct virtual court proceedings seamlessly. Their technology is all up to date, and they handle a range of cases virtually each day with no glitches.

The office is entirely up and running, and there has been no slowdown in the firm’s practice since the pandemic started. A person pursuing a family law matter such as divorce or child custody will still receive the same level of assistance and legal representation. The court is still operating and the firm is still accessible, even though there are limited in-person meetings. Zoom meetings allow individuals to still receive face-to-face interactions with their legal counsel and ensure that the New Jersey divorce attorneys are able to fulfill their important role during COVID-19.

An Attorney Can Guide Spouses through Divorce Proceedings Virtually or in Person

Most of the time, a hearing can be conducted virtually from each party’s own home. If divorcing spouses wish to meet in person for a particular hearing, they could use the firm’s office as long as they follow social distancing measures. The firm has the appropriate equipment so that the attorneys can fulfill their role in divorce proceedings in person. Plexiglas will be set up in the large conference room, all participants in the hearing will be spaced out, and anyone who chooses to come to the office must first pass a health test.

Virtual hearings are often more convenient for all parties in these cases, but they can present some privacy challenges. For example, it could be difficult for divorcing spouses to conduct their private legal matters within the same home. If an individual is talking to their attorney, it is important to ensure that they are in a location where they will not be overheard, such as a secluded room or a car. A COVID-19 divorce attorney in New Jersey could further explain the importance of confidentiality during this process and offer alternatives for divorcing couples to maintain privacy during quarantine.

A New Jersey Divorce Attorney Could Be a Source of Valuable Support During COVID-19

Even though many of the firm’s operations are virtual during the pandemic, the seasoned attorneys at Moskowitz Law Group are dedicated to creating a highly personal experience for every individual seeking legal advice. Filing for divorce or entering other family law proceedings can be stressful experiences even without the addition of a global pandemic, but knowing that a qualified legal advocate is on your side could give you valuable peace of mind.

Meeting with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney whose role is to guide you through your case could fully prepare you for a divorce hearing under COVID-19 protocols. Call today to set up an initial consultation.

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