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New Jersey officials treat child support enforcement as a serious issue. When a parent who has been ordered to pay child support fails to do so, there are a number of potential enforcement options available. A New Jersey child support enforcement lawyer can inform you of those various options.

If you are considering enforcement action, you should not undertake this process on your own. Before you get started, reach out to a seasoned child support attorney to ensure you have the best chance of recovering what you are owed.

Sending Demand Letters

For many people, the concept of child support enforcement leaves visions of heated court hearings and drawn-out litigation. In many cases, a demand letter can be used to resolve a child support dispute without the need for legal action at all.

A demand letter is written correspondence from a New Jersey lawyer to a parent regarding child support enforcement. These letters demand the parent catches up on their missed payments and erase their debt immediately. The letter will make clear that the failure to comply could lead to additional enforcement efforts.

Demand letters are often successful in resolving child support disputes. Some parents simply forget to make a payment, while others could be shaken by the consequences enough to pay up.

Seeking Wage Garnishment in NJ

Wage garnishment is one of the most potent tools available for a child support enforcement attorney in New Jersey. Typically, garnishment is one of the consequences warned of in a demand letter.

Wage garnishment is the process of an employer withholding a portion of a parent’s wages in an effort to satisfy a child support order. The money withheld by the employer is then used to pay the custodial parent. A parent is required to update the court with their employment information, which can make it fairly simple for an attorney to move forward with wage garnishment.

Seizing Personal Property

There are times when a wage garnishment is not the best option for child support enforcement. For example, a parent with significant assets but no current income is not likely to be swayed by wage garnishment. In these situations, it is possible to seize personal property in an effort to satisfy a child support obligation.

Another option available is to place a “lien,” or a legal claim, on the real property of a parent behind on child support. These liens will show up in property searches, making it impossible for that parent to sell their real estate until they pay the child support amount they owe. A skilled attorney can help a New Jersey parent determine whether property seizure is a necessary step in enforcing their child support agreement.

Additional Administrative Penalties

There are many actions the government could take to pressure a parent to make good on their child support debt. These efforts often begin with the suspension of driving privileges. The government also has the power to deny a parent a passport when they owe child support. The government could also take aggressive steps like seizing lottery winnings or redirecting tax refunds. Potential administrative penalties can be explained in more detail by a knowledgeable NJ attorney.

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It can be intimidating to pursue child support enforcement on your own. Even if you are not required to go to court, seeking the child support you are owed from a co-parent can be intimidating.

A New Jersey child support enforcement lawyer can help you secure the payments you and your child deserve. Schedule an initial consultation today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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