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When you are a father going through a divorce, you might be concerned about how this transition may affect your relationships with your children. Maybe you believe you should have primary custody, but you worry the judge will think the kids should be with their mother. Maybe all you want is a fair visitation schedule.

Given that the laws of New Jersey do not give one parent greater rights than the other parent based on gender, fathers have the same rights as mothers, and an experienced family law attorney can ensure they are respected. You could benefit from a consultation with a Monmouth County father’s rights lawyer who appreciates the value you bring to your children’s lives. A divorce attorney can help negotiate favorable custody terms and work to ensure you get the support you deserve without unfair financial burdens that exceed what is provided by law.

Changing Norms Surrounding Father’s Rights

American society’s understanding of family and the role fathers play in their children’s lives has changed dramatically in the past century. Modern fathers are assuming more active parenting roles and share in the responsibility of helping meet their kids’ emotional as well as financial needs.

Fathers are frequently fully engaged in raising their children—including shuttling kids to and from school, attending parent-teacher conferences, cheering from the sidelines at games, and making sure their children are fed, clothed, housed, and emotionally supported. Nowadays, fathers are there for skinned knees, broken hearts, and major life decisions. A Monmouth County father’s right attorney can be a helpful resource for any actively involved dad who wants to ensure they have a physical and emotional presence in their children’s lives after a divorce or separation from their children’s mother.

Advocating for a Father’s Custody Rights

Courts are increasingly granting custody orders that respect the parental role of fathers. Custody arrangements are now made in a gender-neutral fashion, emphasizing the child’s best interests above all else. The judge makes decisions about physical and legal custody as well as parenting time by reviewing factors such as each parent’s bond with the child, regardless of gender. The key is that the outcome should be what is in the best interests of the child. Given the stakes of custody battles, a father facing a divorce should consider working with a lawyer in Monmouth County who believes in a father’s rights.

Financial Considerations

Father’s rights extend beyond custody, as fathers may be entitled to financial support from their spouse in the form of child support or alimony in appropriate cases. This could be the case, for example, if the father gave up an economic opportunity to serve as the primary caregiver for a child while their spouse focused on their career. Fathers may feel ashamed to request alimony in a divorce; and mothers may be reluctant to willingly provide alimony.

Fathers should also be aware of their rights when asked to shoulder unfair financial burdens. A father’s rights lawyer can help parents who are worried about being forced to pay more than a fair and legal amount of support or maintenance after a divorce.

Get Help from a Monmouth County Father’s Rights Attorney

You love your kids and want to do everything possible to ensure you are not deprived of precious time with them after a divorce or separation. You want to continue having a presence in their lives. You may also want to get the financial support you are entitled to and not be required to pay unfair amounts of child or spousal support just because you are a dad.

An experienced father’s rights attorney at Moskowitz Law Group can fight for you. Contact a Monmouth County father’s rights lawyer today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team.

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