Monmouth County Marital Agreements Lawyer

Monmouth County Marital Agreements Lawyer

Divorce can be messy, with many issues to address as spouses decide how to separate their lives. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are signed contracts that allow couples to address these issues during their relationship, providing stability during a union and avoiding lengthy conflicts in court when it ends.

At Moskowitz Law Group, we dedicate all our resources to family law cases. Our team understands what options are available to help spouses feel secure in the decision to sign these binding contracts. Schedule a consultation with a Monmouth County marital agreements lawyer to learn more.

Types of Marital Agreements

Several kinds of marital agreements are available to couples in New Jersey. The type of contract applicable to a couple primarily depends on what time in the marriage they plan to sign it.

Prenuptial Agreement

Couples may create a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. These documents outline how a couple will divide property, debt, and handle other issues they may face should they divorce. Prenuptial agreements are excellent tools for protecting rights and property while avoiding or limiting time-consuming litigation in the event of a divorce.

Postnuptial Agreements

Couples may enter into postnuptial agreements over the course of their marriage. These contracts provide many of the same rights and protections as prenuptial agreements, allowing spouses to decide arrangements for asset and debt distribution and financial support should they choose to separate. Spouses do not have to have problems in their marriage to create these legal documents and may even choose a time they feel secure in their relationship and their ability to make joint decisions.

Marital Settlement Agreements

Spouses sign marital settlement agreements to finalize the terms of a divorce. These binding contracts should outline clear terms about assets, liabilities, and custody. Judges will look to this agreement for direction if legal disputes arise post-divorce over any of these issues.

Separation Agreements

Rather than pursuing a divorce, spouses may choose to sign a separation agreement. These contracts establish the terms of a separation, much like other documents, but a couple does not have to legally divorce for the terms to enter into effect.

A Monmouth County family law attorney can speak with a spouse about their concerns and ensure they create or sign a marital agreement that suits their needs.

How a Marital Agreements Attorney Can Help

Any marital agreement must be a carefully written document that meets all legal requirements. Procedural errors may render a martial agreement invalid. An experienced family law lawyer can ensure any contract meets these requirements and will be legally enforceable.

These contracts are not an opportunity to avoid spousal and parental obligations, so it is important to understand your rights under family law. People may try to include unreasonable terms, particularly over asset or liability distribution, hoping their partner will not notice the details of the agreement. A marital agreements lawyer in Monmouth County can help draft a contract tailored to a couple’s needs while protecting a spouse’s rights and interests.

Call a Seasoned Monmouth County Marital Agreements Attorney Today

Contrary to popular opinion, having a marital agreement does not mean a couple anticipates divorce. No one knows exactly what their future will bring, but spouses can sign these agreements for peace of mind in the present.

A comprehensive legal agreement can safeguard your rights and property as well as help avoid stress down the road. Meet with an experienced Monmouth County marital agreements lawyer for guidance while drafting or reviewing a contract. Contact us today.

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