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Financial support is crucial to caring for your child’s needs and welfare following a divorce or separation from a long-term partner. However, when one parent fails to uphold their child support obligation, they can cause problems, stress, and complications for their child and the other parent.

Our dedicated child support attorneys can immediately get to work on your behalf when your child’s financial wellbeing is at stake. A Hackensack child support enforcement lawyer can use every tool at their disposal to launch an effective enforcement action holding the nonconforming party accountable and pursuing all outstanding support.

Ways to Enforce Child Support

There are many potential methods to enforce a child support obligation when the other party is not meeting the terms of an existing court order. However, these cases can be complex. Child support enforcement actions should not be attempted without the assistance of a skilled legal professional who can navigate the requirements of the courts and the government entities typically involved in these matters.

Parents can pursue several avenues upon filing an application to enforce a child support obligation, some of which are more aggressive than others. In some cases, an enforcement hearing may be all that is necessary to get the other parent to agree to comply with their child support obligations.

When this remedy is ineffective, a Hackensack child support enforcement attorney can pursue a wide range of other legal options on behalf of the petitioning parent. For instance, pushing for the garnishment of the nonconforming parent’s wages, interception of their tax refunds, requiring installment payments to repay missed child support payments, and revoking specific licenses, such as professional licenses required to carry out a business trade can all help a parent get the support they need. In some situations, enforcement may require more aggressive action, such as freezing and levying upon the individual’s financial accounts or, in the most challenging cases, requesting that the court issue a bench warrant for the delinquent parent’s arrest and a hearing to determine how much they must pay toward their outstanding child support obligation to stay out of jail.

Modifying an Existing Child Support Agreement

Some circumstances of noncompliance with a child support agreement involve a substantial change in a parent’s financial circumstances. A parent may lose their job and can no longer afford court-ordered child support payments. These cases may require a modification to the underlying court order to ensure both parents are able to meet their child support requirements on time.

These modifications can be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. Courts are more likely to approve a child support modification when the modification has reasonable motivations, is in the best interest of the child, and is within the financial means of both parents. A Hackensack child support enforcement attorney can guide a parent through the process of modifying an existing agreement to maximize their chances of success.

Get in Touch With a Hackensack Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Every child should have the support they need and deserve after their parents’ divorce or separation. A Hackensack child support enforcement lawyer can work diligently to see that you recover any back support you are owed. Our team at Moskowitz Law Group is prepared to pursue any legal avenue to recover financial support while guiding you through each phase of an enforcement action.

When your former spouse or partner is not complying with the terms of your child support order, do not wait to get legal counsel. Call right away to discuss your legal rights and options.

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