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Children are some of the most precious gifts a marriage can bring. That does not change when divorce enters the picture. When divorce becomes a possibility, there will be a number of factors parents must keep in mind in order to make the divorce process as easy on the children as possible. Eventually, one of those factors may include child support. Hackensack courts take child support seriously, and so should you. A Hackensack child support lawyer could be an effective part of the strategy you employ when it comes to addressing child support.

Child support can have a significant impact on your financial health. Preparing for that impact is an important part of navigating the divorce process effectively and overcoming the challenges the process can present. Contact a skilled family attorney to start reviewing your potential legal options.

The Basics of Child Support

As is the case in most places, child support in Hackensack is typically determined by using the state’s child support formula. The basic child support formula from New Jersey Court Rule 5:6A Appendix IX-F lays out the general schedule of support obligations enforced by the courts. While courts generally try to adhere to this schedule, there are extreme circumstances in which they might find it necessary to change it. A diligent Hacksensack child support lawyer could assist a person during this process and work to protect their best interests.

There are some basic exceptions that can have an impact on the final child support award, too. The final award rests in part on each parent’s contribution to:

  • Costs of living
  • The cost of food, clothing, and other necessary essentials
  • The cost of other optional expenses

Modification of Support

One important thing to note is that marital agreements cannot include a contract for child support. That means a couple cannot agree to child support terms or deviate from the state’s prescribed terms in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Once a couple enters a support order, it may be possible to modify it under certain circumstances. These typically include a major shift in the financial ability of one party, such as the involuntary loss of a job of the spouse ordered to pay support. Typically, the court may not recognize voluntary unemployment or underemployment as a basis for modification of support. An experienced Hackensack attorney can provide assistance to parties looking to modify their child support order.

Get Experienced Legal Advocacy from a Hackensack Child Support Attorney

Your child’s needs are important and continuing to meet their best interests is one of the most important goals parents are likely to have during a divorce. Child support is an important part of meeting those needs, but it can be intimidating.

It can be comforting to know that an advocate is on your side and working throughout the divorce process with you. That is why working with an experienced Hackensack child support lawyer can be such an important part of your approach to child support.

If you are considering divorce and concerned about how child support will affect you and your family, contact a dedicated member of our legal team to find out how they could work with you on your child support issues and at every stage of divorce.

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