How Do I Create a COVID-19 Emergency Parenting Plan?

The Coronavirus outbreak brings an entirely new set of challenges for parents. Although life may have come to a standstill, child custody court orders generally remain intact. However, due to these COVID-19 limitations, adhering to those commitments may be difficult or even impossible. For this reason, parents should examine their existing custody arrangements and make emergency adjustments as necessary to protect their parental rights. It may be necessary to consult your NJ parenting attorney to outline your options and create cohesive COVID-19 child custody emergency plans.

Examining Your Existing Custody Order

In some instances, a custody plan may have clauses related to emergency situations. An attorney could review the legal language to determine the existing guidelines and consider potential modifications. For custody plans without such clauses, the existing court order remains. This means the typical child custody schedules continue as they were before COVID-19.

However, a child custody attorney may still be able to help update the agreement based on Coronavirus developments. These updates could work to retain custody rights and secure compensation for lost parenting time.

Drafting a New Plan

When creating an emergency plan, document any deviations from the original court order and report them to a child custody attorney. Changes like lost custody time due to COVID-19 may be eligible for compensation at a later date. In the meantime, discuss these issues and options for immediate modifications with a parent’s rights attorney. Doing so may build a case for fair compensation after the Coronavirus outbreak.

What Are Some Emergency Custody Considerations?

  • How has COVID-19 affected my current situation?
  • Where is it best/easiest for a child to live during COVID-19?
  • How can I maintain a relationship with my child during COVID-19?
  • How will lost parenting time be made up?
  • What defines the “end” of the emergency period?

Implementing a New Plan

In many cases, discussing your proposed plan with your ex-spouse may be the easiest way to implement a COVID-19 emergency update. Doing so can lead to a mutual agreement and avoid going to court.

If you cannot reach a Coronavirus child custody agreement, discuss your options with your lawyer. Some solutions may include conflict mediation or filing for a court order modification. Each custody situation is unique and COVID-19 adds more obstacles. For this reason, there is no standard revision method or expected result.

Why Should I Consult a Child Custody Attorney?

Reaching out to a New Jersey parent rights lawyer could help you act within your existing child custody order or create a revised emergency plan. By working with our dedicated lawyers at Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, you could ensure that you are in legal compliance and taking care of your kids during the pandemic. Call right away to learn more about your legal options.

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