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Military Divorce

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When one or both spouses are members of the military, the divorce process can become especially complicated. The couple files for divorce using the same process as the civilian population; however, there may be additional factors that the military couple will have to consider.

Some factors that need to be considered in military divorces include:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Income calculations
  • Pensions

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How to File for a Military Divorce

To petition the court for a divorce, the couple must file in their state of residency. This may pose a problem for service members that are stationed abroad. Military couples may file in the state where the non-military spouse resides or the state in which the military spouse claims legal residency.

To determine the child and spousal support to be paid by the service member, the court will need to have more than the normal documents required from civilians. A tax return or pay stub will not accurately reflect a military member's earnings, as he or she might be receiving many other allowances.

A service member should provide their Leave and Earnings Statement, which will show:

  • Basic pay
  • Housing allowance
  • Cost of living allowance
  • Allowances for extra duties

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