The Impact of Family Therapy on New Jersey Divorce Cases

Family therapy can be a great option for parents and children going through a divorce. Therapy creates communication between family members, facilitating positive relationships and allowing loved ones to come up with resolutions to problems they may be facing.

If you are dealing with divorce or child custody disputes, family therapy can have many benefits within your personal life and your case. A skilled family law attorney can go over the impact of family therapy on New Jersey divorce cases during an initial consultation. Call today to learn more.

What is Family Therapy?

During family therapy, a mental health professional will meet with the entire family to discuss any issues they are facing. This can be helpful because it opens up the lines of communication for the family, allowing co-parents to communicate and children to feel heard. Having a neutral third party can be especially helpful for divorcing parents to talk through their disputes.

It is important for families to be receptive to what the therapist has to say and open to their suggestions. NJ families that are unwilling to participate may not reap all of the positive impacts of therapy on their divorce.

How Therapy Can Affect Divorce Proceedings

Divorce cases can be greatly affected by family therapy. In some situations, parents are able to come up with a resolution without having to go to court, which can save them money and stress. Resolving a divorce outside of court also allows parents to keep their fate out of the hands of a judge. A New Jersey family therapist can help divorcing parents take into account the best interests of their children and everybody’s wants and needs.

Parents can also go over custody and parenting time agreements with a family therapist. If they are able to come to an agreement, an attorney can then draft a contract that includes the elements that the parents discussed with their therapist. A knowledgeable attorney can then take the necessary steps to file the agreement with the court.

Things to Remember When Seeking Family Therapy

Insurance coverage is often an important factor when considering family therapy. Parents seeking therapy should first check if they have family therapy covered under their insurance policy. If a family does not have insurance, there may be local nonprofits that could provide services to those going through a divorce.

When considering family therapy, parents should be aware of whether or not the information is privileged, or whether it will come out in court. If the information provided to the therapist is scrutinized and is going to be provided in court, then parents should be careful about what exactly they are conveying. In these situations, it is best to consult with a divorce attorney with experience handling cases involving family therapy.

Discuss Family Therapy and Divorce with a Knowledgeable Attorney

The impact of family therapy on New Jersey divorce cases can be drastic, especially for parents willing to settle their disputes outside of court. Therapy allows families to have a safe middle ground to discuss parenting time agreements and other terms of a divorce. For many, family therapy is a great way to amicably settle a divorce while protecting the children’s best interests.

If you are considering family therapy to assist your divorce, a skilled family law attorney can answer any questions you have and walk you through the process. Reach out today to learn more about what the dedicated team at Moskowitz Law Group can do for you.

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