Therapy for Children in New Jersey Divorce Cases

Divorce tends to be extremely stressful for children. Therapy can be an outlet for children to discuss their emotions and concerns. Child therapists can also provide coaching for parents based on their children’s concerns, which can be immensely helpful for families going through a divorce.

Therapy for children in New Jersey divorce cases can be an extremely helpful tool. Reach out to a family law attorney today to learn more.

How Therapy Can Help a Child Through Divorce

A good therapist will be able to impart to the child that the situation they are in is not their fault and that their emotions are valid. Oftentimes, simply being heard by someone who understands what they are going through is massively beneficial for a child. A therapist can act as a neutral third party, allowing a child to voice their opinion freely.

Therapists can also be immensely helpful for children with specific conditions such as ADHD. Many family therapists deal specifically with these cases and can provide children with the individualized support they need.

Custody Battles and Therapy in New Jersey

When a child is involved in a custody battle, there are usually custody evaluators and guardians ad litem involved who interview the parents and the children. Often, the kids will think that the outcome is dependent on what they say, which creates a great deal of anxiety. Having an independent child therapist can help kids work through the stress of a custody battle during a divorce.

Child Therapists vs. Guardians ad Litem

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is someone who is appointed by the court in a family law case to make recommendations in a child’s best interest. These individuals can suggest certain custody and parenting time agreements in a divorce case and are reporting to the court rather than the family.

Coversely, a child therapist does not usually make custody or parenting time recommendations. If appropriate, a therapist can report to the court what issues the child has or convey the child’s concerns, but they are not usually the ones who are setting the schedule. While a GAL reports to the court, a child therapist’s priority is helping a child through their issues rather than providing opinions regarding custody and parenting time.

Putting Therapist Recommendations into Perspective

While the recommendations of a child therapist can be extremely helpful to parents going through a divorce, it is also important to understand their weight. Committing to taking the recommendations of a therapist can leave a child’s fate in someone else’s hands, which is not always best for the child or the family. However, there are many cases where this is appropriate.

There are also instances where one should avoid being bound to the recommendations of a child therapist. A New Jersey divorce attorney can help parents ensure that they make strategic long-term decisions regarding the well-being of their children.

Discuss Therapy for Children with a New Jersey Divorce Attorney

When parents are at odds in a divorce, their children often struggle to cope with the situation. These cases have many moving parts, and it is easy for a child to become overwhelmed and unsure of who to turn to.

Therapy for children in New Jersey divorce cases can be a highly beneficial tool for everyone involved. Working with a child therapist who understands your family situation can allow your child an outlet for their feelings and also give you insight as to how to best support your child. To learn more about the impacts of child therapy on divorce, reach out to a family law attorney at Moskowitz Law Group today.

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