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Divorce decrees are meant to be final, but New Jersey courts understand that there are several instances that may call for the need to resolve matters post-divorce. If you are divorced but are experiencing conflict with your former spouse over issues such as child support and custody, alimony, or other matters, contact an experienced divorce lawyer today. An experienced Morris County post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you move forward with getting these issues resolved.

There are three main reasons that post-divorce litigation often becomes necessary: one party experiences changed circumstances, one party is not living up to their obligations under the original divorce order, or an issue arises that the original divorce decree did not address.

Changed Circumstances Post-Divorce

The terms of the divorce decree are based on both parties’ circumstances at the time of the divorce. If one or both parties’ circumstances have changed substantially, the terms of the divorce may no longer be fair or feasible.

As a result, the party with changed circumstances might be able to get their former spouse to agree to changing the terms of their divorce. If the ex-spouse does not agree, a post-divorce disputes lawyer in Morris County can ask the court to modify the divorce order to reflect the change in circumstances.

Some of the most common changed circumstances include:

  • Unemployment or loss of income on the part of the party paying support
  • A sudden increase in income, such as a promotion or inheritance on the part of the party receiving support
  • The party receiving support moving in with a new partner who shares in their expenses
  • A disability suffered by one party
  • A child developing special needs that require increased support

Divorce Decree Enforcement in Morris County

Another main reason someone might seek relief from the court following the finalization of their divorce is if their former spouse fails to fulfill their obligations under the divorce decree. If one party does not follow the guidelines set forth by the court, the other party may ask the court to compel compliance with the original divorce order.

Some common noncompliance issues for which a Morris County post-divorce disputes attorney could help parties seek relief include:

  • One parent disparaging the other to their children
  • Refusal to adhere to the parenting plan
  • Failure to pay required child support or spousal maintenance
  • Inadequate communication between co-parenting parties
  • Failure to follow the court guidelines dealing with insurance coverage and or retirement accounts
  • Refusal to relinquish assets to the party deemed to own the property by the court

Matters Not Previously Addressed in the Divorce Decree

No matter how thorough a divorce agreement may seem at the time of a divorce, it is possible for new or previously unconsidered issues to arise down the line. This happens most frequently with matters of child custody and support. When co-parents are unable to reach agreement, they may turn back to the court for guidance.

Matters encountered by divorced parties who share custody of their children commonly include education issues, such as whether a child should change schools or be homeschooled or how college expenses will be shared.

Consult with a Morris County Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances of your divorce agreement, if you need further guidance from the court, an experienced Morris County post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you seek conflict resolution. Contact a qualified local attorney today to schedule an initial consultation and start discussing your options.

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