Cost of a Monmouth County Divorce

Ending a marriage with divorce is rarely easy and the process of legally dissolving the marriage is often just as complex. Concluding this process allows both parties to move on with their lives, which motivates most spouses to resolve the divorce as quickly—and as inexpensively—as possible.

If you are going through a divorce, you could benefit from learning more about the cost of a Monmouth County divorce. These expenses can vary, as no two cases are exactly alike. A dedicated divorce attorney can review the facts and circumstances of your marriage and help you understand what a divorce may cost.

Understanding Attorney Fees in Divorce Cases

There is no universal cost associated with a divorce in Monmouth County. Every case is unique and every attorney has the power to set their own rates. This can lead to different legal expenses between similarly situated couples.

Many different factors determine what someone will end up paying for their divorce. The attorney they hire is an important factor, given that lawyers set their own fee schedules. Under the Court Rules, divorce attorneys almost always charge by the hour, with many requiring a retainer to be paid upfront.

A retainer is a sum of money paid in advance to a lawyer before the lawyer begins working on the case. As a lawyer works on a case, they pay their fees from the retainer. When the retainer decreases below a predetermined threshold as work is being performed on the case, the client is required to replenish their retainer. It is important to understand how a lawyer plans on billing and if they require a retainer before hiring them.

The hourly rate of an attorney is also based on numerous different factors. Lawyers with extensive experience, a large client roster, or major name recognition are often able to charge more by the hour than those who are new to the profession.

The complexity and contentiousness of the case also influences the cost of legal representation. Because attorneys bill by the hour, divorces will cost far more if they last for months, or even years, due to the complexity or contentiousness of the case. This is why uncontested divorces are typically far less expensive than litigious battles.

One way attorneys cannot charge for legal fees in a divorce case is working on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is where a lawyer only gets paid if a certain result is reached in a case. For example, in a personal injury case, a lawyer typically only gets paid a fee if they obtain a settlement or jury verdict for their client. While personal injury lawyers are allowed to keep a portion of what they recover as part of the fee, that is not an option in divorce cases.

Other Divorce Expenses

There are other costs to be aware of beyond legal fees. While many of these are unavoidable, it might be possible to keep them as low as possible through careful maneuvering by your legal counsel. One unavoidable cost related to a Monmouth County divorce is the filing fee. Count on paying roughly $300 to file a complaint for divorce, no matter how the case ultimately turns out.

There are other similar costs, including fees for filing motions and additional pleadings. The longer a case takes, the more these expenses are likely to accumulate. Finally, divorcing parents may be required to take an educational class for raising their children post-divorce, which can cost about $25.

Talk to a Monmouth County Attorney About the Cost of a Divorce

While it is true that divorce can be costly, there are steps you can take to minimize these expenses. Relying on the guidance of your attorney may help you limit the cost of a Monmouth County divorce. Call right away to learn more and retain the help you need to move through the divorce process.

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