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Conflicts frequently arise when it comes to issues involving custody of minor children. Whether parents are divorced or never married in the first place, the courts have the ultimate say on child custody if the parents cannot resolve their differences.

Unfortunately, not every parent complies with the terms of court orders or parenting plans. When that happens, a skilled child custody attorney can help enforce those terms. A Fort Lee child custody enforcement lawyer can help you maintain a consistent schedule with your minor child while requiring your co-parent to adhere to the terms set by the court or your prior agreement.

Situations Where a Child Custody Order or Agreement may be Violated

There is no need to pursue enforcement efforts in cases where both parents are in compliance with a child custody order or agreement. Enforcement only becomes necessary with the terms of these orders or agreements are being violated. A Fort Lee child custody enforcement attorney can provide insight into whether an agreement has been violated or not.

The most obvious way an agreement could be violated is when a parent fails to adhere to a pre-agreed schedule or court orrder. This could include returning a child late from a visit or picking them up without notice. It could also include not allowing the other parent to exercise their time with the child. Another example could involve interfering with the relationship between the child and the other parent. Any type of interference could unfairly put that parent-child relationship in jeopardy and could result in repercussions from the court.

Disputes can happen with any co-parent, but they are especially common among former couples who do not communicate well. Disputes between parents can often spill over into the parents’ relationship with the child. When this happens, it could lead one parent to violate the terms of the parenting agreement.

Enforcement Options for Fort Lee Parents

There are different options to remedy a violation of a child custody agreement or order. A Fort Lee child custody enforcement attorney can help determine the right approach.

Negotiate a Resolution

While many parents might assume court intervention is necessary, a child custody enforcement attorney could attempt to resolve the issue by contacting the noncompliant parent to negotiate a solution. Some issues are the result of an honest mistake or misunderstanding, while others could stem from a conflict that is easily resolved. A child custody enforcement lawyer can negotiate with another parent or their attorney in an effort to resolve the dispute without taking any formal enforcement actions in court.

Pursuing Enforcement of Litigant’s Rights in Court

When it is not possible to reach an amicable agreement regarding a custody dispute, seeking enforcement of litigant’s rights against the other parent might be the only option. When a parent files a motion for enforcement of litigant’s rights with the court, it gives the judge the opportunity to investigate if the terms of the agreement or order were willfully violated. If they determine it was, there are different tools the court can use to enforce the agreement.

A judge has the power to order a parent to adhere to a set custody schedule. They could also levy monetary sanctions and reimbursement of legal fees against the noncompliant parent. The most extreme options available to a judge include incarceration or amending the parenting agreement or order.

Call a Fort Lee Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Right Away

If you are facing a custody dispute, you should not have to pursue enforcement of a child custody agreement or order on your own. An experienced attorney can help you enforce those terms while protecting your rights as a parent. Schedule a free consultation with a Fort Lee child custody enforcement lawyer today to learn more. Our experienced team at Moskowitz Law Group is ready to assist you.

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