Why “Permanent” Spousal Support Was Never Feasible In New Jersey

When you get divorced one of the most important things on your mind is your financial future. Standing on solid financial ground is essential if you are to move forward in a positive way after your divorce. It is also necessary to know the terms of the payment, including the amount and frequency. For some, this means a need for payments to continue indefinitely. But, the support scheme in New Jersey does not provide for permanent payments, and those that propose making support permanent have a tough battle to fight in this regard.

In September 2014 the Governor signed a bill that significantly changed the way spousal support is paid. The new law essentially eliminates the possibility of permanent support. Some key reasons why there was never a true chance for payments to remain “permanent” include:

● Other states have already changed their payment scheme, paving the way for Governor Christie to approve the change in New Jersey.

● Pushes for changes to New Jersey’s structure have been underway for well over two years, so change was inevitable.

● The statistics on working vs. non-working spouses have dramatically changed over the past few years. There are more dual income families now than just three short years ago, and salaries between men and women are becoming more equal.

While this change alters the duration of support payments, the method for calculating an award remains familiar. When fixing a payment amount, the Judge will take into account certain factors unique to the case. These factors include the contribution of each party during the marriage, the length of the marriage, the parties’ standard of living, and the parental responsibilities of each spouse post-divorce. These are just a few of the factors the Court considers, and some or none may be present in your case. Our team of legal professionals is skilled at analyzing your case and providing guidance for ways to reach results that work for you and your family.

For more information on spousal support and divorce, call an experienced family law attorney for answers to your questions.

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