Asking Your Partner to Sign a Prenup

Although generally no couple expects their relationship to end in divorce, it happens to about 50 percent of all marriages in the country. Properly dividing assets from the start can ensure a more efficient and less costly divorce, should a relationship ultimately dissolve.

A prenuptial agreement can be beneficial for any engaged couple headed into a marriage. This agreement can facilitate the division of assets, property, and debts prior to entering into a marriage, as well as the division of these properties in the case of a divorce.

However, broaching the subject of creating a prenup before marriage can be a difficult conversation for any couple. Here are some tips and methods on how to approach the topic with your partner.

1. Don’t Procrastinate

It may seem like right after your engagement is too soon to start the prenup talk, but this can actually be a low-pressure time to start the conversation. Getting this topic out of the way at the beginning of your engagement may help it to be a more collaborative experience.

Addressing a prenup early also means that you will not be working on your prenup right before your marriage is made official. The days and weeks leading up to your wedding should be about enjoying the moment, not stressing out organizing documents in case of divorce.

2. Approach the Prenup Conversation as a Discussion

If the prenup conversation is presented as a demand, it is more likely that you and your partner will be defensive throughout the conversation. Tensions being high may make the planning session less productive, but if you go about the discussion collaboratively, both of you can feel safe discussing their desires and concerns for a prenup agreement. This may lead to the conversation being more amicable and productive, as well as help you feel more positive about a topic that can be difficult to discuss.

3. Listen

The initial reaction to a prenup can catch some people off-guard. This may bring about tense questions and reactions from your partner.

One of the most important things to do in such a situation is listen. If your partner does not immediately come around to the idea of a prenup agreement, it is important to not only hear them, but to really listen to their concerns.

Although your intentions with a prenup may be good, becoming defensive may complicate the situation. Creating a comfortable space for this conversation can make drafting the agreement a task to accomplish cooperatively instead of combatively.

Working with a Qualified Attorney

Now that you are ready for the prenup conversation with your partner, take the next step and hire a professional to help you draft a prenup agreement with you and your partner. The lawyers of Moskowitz Law Group, LLC have years of experience in navigating the prenup process smoothly and efficiently and are here to guide you. Contact one of our team members today to learn more.

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