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Divorces in Bergen County have a reputation as being nasty, lengthy fights where parties argue over property, the right to raise their children, and the payment of alimony. While it is certainly possible that this is the path that the case will take, it is far more likely that the divorce will end with some form of settlement.

It benefits both parties in a divorce to consider where they are willing to compromise and where they need to draw a line in the sand. With this knowledge, you may be able to work with your spouse and an experienced divorce attorney to come to a settlement agreement that ends the marriage in a more amicable way.

A Bergen County uncontested divorce lawyer could help individuals to obtain a divorce through the completion of a Marital Settlement Agreement. This process can take place prior to filing for a divorce or following mediation.

The Purpose of an Uncontested Divorce

Proceeding with an uncontested divorce in Bergen County as a way to avoid unnecessary conflict during the divorce process. Traditionally, divorces place the two spouses at opposite ends of a lawsuit, fighting over property rights, alimony, and the custody of children. The goal of an uncontested divorce is to keep the case out of court as much as possible and to help the parties reach a negotiated settlement for the future.

Ideally, this process can take place before the case even goes to court. If both parties can come to the realization that a divorce is necessary and keep an open mind about working together to resolve the matter, they could create a divorce agreement that carries full legal weight. It follows that a petition for divorce can include a copy of this agreement that a court is likely to merge into a final divorce decree. The parties can then petition the court to hold a hearing under the state issues rules for an uncontested divorce, to finalize the divorce . A Bergen County uncontested divorce attorney could help to simplify and quicken the uncontested divorce process.

Settling Your Divorce in a  Traditional Divorce Process

Of course, not every divorcing couple is willing to participate in the uncontested divorce process before the case gets to court. They may feel that they cannot trust the other party or believe that engaging in talks will be pointless. In these scenarios, one party must initiate the divorce process in the traditional manner.

However, this does not mean that the case will end with a trial. In fact, the court has a strong interest in preventing this from happening. This concept goes so far as to require parties in a divorce to participate in mandatory mediation sessions that aim to create settlement agreements once the case is already underway. In addition to this, it benefits both parties to keep an open mind and to attempt a negotiation on their own to save significant time, money, and stress. A Bergen County uncontested divorce attorney could help to lead the way in bringing divorcing spouses to the negotiating table.

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Enduring a divorce always signals a major change in your life. Not only will you need to consider your immediate future, but the outcome of this case will determine your property rights and your ability to remain in the lives of your children. It is understandable that many people may feel frustrated and frightened.

One way to retain some control when facing the prospect of divorce is to participate in settlement negotiations. Here, the parties come together, often before the case goes to court, to determine if they can reach a settlement. Key issues such as property division, child custody, and the payment of alimony can often reach resolutions during these meetings. Ideally, a case can come to a settlement that accompanies a petition for divorce. In other situations, a Bergen County uncontested divorce lawyer could help to facilitate a settlement during the course of a traditional divorce case. Contact an attorney today to explore alternative divorce resolution options.

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