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Modification of Support

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Child support payments and alimony payments can cause a great deal of financial hardship. By the same token, the support that you are receiving could be inadequate for the costs that you encounter. There are many situations where a judge will order a certain amount in support, and after some time it becomes apparent that this support is either inadequate for the individual who is entitled to receive it, or too much for the individual required to pay it. It is important to know that you may be able to obtain a modification to the support you are required to pay or that you are entitled to receive so that it better suits your circumstances.

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When Are Support Modifications Granted?

If you are entitled to receive child support payments and it is apparent that these funds are inadequate to cover costs of providing for your child, then you may be able to obtain a modification based on:

  • An increase in need
  • A change in your personal income such as demotion, layoff, or termination

If you are required to make child support payments and you find that you are unable to make these payments, then you may be able to obtain a court-ordered modification based on your income status. If you have lost your job, been fired, or laid off, then you may be granted a modification to better suit your needs.

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