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Taking a divorce case to court can be time-consuming and expensive for both parties involved. A collaborative divorce allows couples to negotiate their disputes without taking their case to court. Divorcing spouses who pursue this option are able to to engage in non-adversarial negotiations in pursuit of a mutual agreement on the terms of their divorce.

A collaborative divorce is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). While a couple works together during this process, each has a divorce attorney who will advocate for their client’s best interests, with all parties together forming a team. An experienced Ocean County collaborative divorce lawyer can help an individual seeking this option to advocate for their own best interests while lessening overall conflict in the separation process.

Understanding the Collaborative Divorce Process

In Ocean County, the collaborative divorce process begins with each party hiring a lawyer. The divorcing spouses and their respective attorneys will sign an agreement expressing the intention to prevent the case from going to court. The only documents the individuals will be filing with the court as a part of this process are those that are required under state laws.

State residency requirements still apply for filing marriage dissolution documents in court once the parties negotiate the collaborative divorce agreement. Except in the case of certain fault-based marriage dissolution claims, at least one of the spouses must have lived in New Jersey for a minimum of one year before filing for divorce. If the parties meet the residency requirement, the attorneys and spouses will begin to negotiate property division, spousal support, child custody, and other necessary issues.

The parties will participate in meetings where they will exchange important information openly to avoid court-mandated discovery processes. The divorcing couple may also hire a therapist to help them through the complex emotional issues that may arise with these negotiations. A skilled lawyer can walk an individual through this process, working with them to reach an equitable divorce agreement.

Reasons to Consider a Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce allows parties to end their marriage and begin the healing process without the stress and aggravation that comes with a contested marriage dissolution case. Many parties who litigate their divorce cases find that the hostility involved in a court battle only creates further division and resentment among the spouses.

Negotiating an agreement also allows the individuals to develop creative solutions that will work for their families. The collaborative nature of this type of divorce allows individuals the ability to discuss a wider variety of potential outcomes than what would be possible in court. In many cases, especially those involving young children, the parties must learn to work together to seek mutually beneficial outcomes.

By the end of these negotiations, individuals can feel confident about the terms of their agreement. A well-versed collaborative divorce attorney can explain how the process may play out for a couple in Ocean County given the unique facts of their case.

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A collaborative divorce can be a great option for couples looking to avoid the legal headache of litigation. Committing to this process can save couples a great deal of time, money, and stress.

Ending a marriage is never easy, but individuals who are willing to maintain civility can often create beneficial outcomes for their families. An Ocean County collaborative divorce lawyer can properly represent someone during this process, and work to pursue outcomes that are fair and equitable for the whole family. Call today to learn more.

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